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Trouble uploading a new profile pic

Alrighty. I know I'm probably doing something wrong that is VERY simple, but I can't upload a new profile pic. I've deleted the old one (several times) and have tried uploading the new one. I resized it so that it's 98X100 pixels and 5.2KB so it is under the size limitations.

Any suggestions? This is frustrating me to no end!!!

Thank you!
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Anyone remember me . . . ?

Ickydog here!

Curious if anyone on this site remembers me (I only recognize a few names!)

The last deer I was playing with was Sparrow, but it's been a whole year!!!!

So yeah, how's everyone doing?
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Anyone interested in RP with my Little Sparrow?
I'll give a little starting point Smiling And thank you for any and all RP - it helps me to develop Sparrow.


The young buck sat contentedly in the patch of blue flowers near the playground. It was one of his favorite places to relax as the breeze always seemed perfect. He watched as the birds flitted around him, landing on him and taking off again. A smile formed around his muzzle. He sighed and lowered his head. Sparrow closed his eyes and listened to the forest around him. He thought he heard another approach, but he was lost in thought and content in the aroma of the flowers and the breeze.
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Little Sparrow {Bio}

This bio is a WIP and will be updated often.
Sparrow will be my only active deer.

Feel free to RP with Sparrow here Smiling
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One Year

Well . . . . I've been here for one year now! One year and 2 days, if you want to be exact.
I've been a little inactive as of late, stalking, but not doing much. Sometimes, taking a break is good. However, I find that I can't leave this place entirely - I always come back. I may be revamping my characters, changing some things. We'll see.

But anyway, Happy One Year for me!!
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Death of Innocence (Icky and FaunGrae)

The muley doe was restless. She was in the hollow of the great oak, pacing, pausing to tap her front hooves, then pacing again. She would lay in her make shift bed of leaves and grasses, but only for a moment before standing to pace again. Roe stopped suddenly and winced. Her brow furrowed in pain.
"Iphea," she whispered through the pain. "Iphea . . .something's wrong." She became increasingly worried as the pains increased. It was too early for her to fawn. "Iphea!" she called loudly. Where is he? Roe fretted. Iphea I need you here. The doe's legs buckled as another wave of pain washed over her.
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Tumblr anyone?

Does anyone here have a tumblr? I'd love some more blogs to follow, and some more followers on mine!
Clicky for my tumblr!
If you have one, post a link!!
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Kobal Sauce - the Bio

wip for Kobal - will be updated more in the coming days. Just wanted to get something down.
Below cut
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Icky's Interaction Blog

I've been doing a lot more RPing and I've found I really like it!! It's fun to write and I've been able to develope my characters more. So I figured, why not try making an interaction blog.


Yes, well. These can be short, quick interactions or more juicy plot filled ones - I like both.
All I ask is to write more than just a couple sentences - I don't get much out of that. Put some thought into it.

Here are my deer:
- Roe
- Verin
- Shalaco

You can start, or, if you'd prefer, I'll start. Just let me know who you want to RP with.
Thank you all for being AWESOME!
Oh. And yes, all my deer speak in the same color - because I'm lazy and it's easier to remember only one hex number. /shot
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Halloween ABIO (many screenies)

Under the cut for size and number! Laughing out loud

First: Happy Halloween everyone!! I was so very excited to see my first abio! And on Halloween none-the-less!! I was all skdfjhglsfdkjghlsfdkjgh!

Second: DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THE LITTLE GIRL DURING THE ABIO?? Seriously. I saw the form of a girl in a dress walking. It creeped me the frick out. I zoomed in to get a screenie and she disappeared except for her shoes. I scoured my screenies and couldn't find the pic of her shoes.
Please tell me someone else saw her . . .

Onto the pics!
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