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It's about time I uploaded somehting! ><
Had to draw Reed, since he was one my first friends on TEF. <333333
GOD I FEEL LAZY!! Anyways this is a drawing of human Zerexin and human Buttons.
The stag is Victor Creed, and the small doe is Buttons. I was practicing perspective on this and no Buttons isn't that small.
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~~Deer Updates~~

Re-doing this. Sorry in advance for the updates.

Updated: Buttons

Note: From now on, all my char's thoughts, health, events, etc will be updated in here

Picto:x Bio:x
Thoughts/mood: "Good to have you back Jax.."
Mental:90% at ease, comforted, relaxed
Physical: 95%
[center]Event: Frustrated when the the creature displayed aggression at Demon when he wanted to say hello to Jax. Grew highly annoyed, snapped, and briefly attacked the creature. Through out the day tried to avoid it so he won't cause any further damage. Secretly feels guilt for attacking the small thing. Tried to speak to it later but it looked to confused and battered to respond. Instead he apologized. Jax threatened to kill the creature which obviously would make things muuuuuch worse. Became furious when Jax refused to listen to Demon. A fight broke out bewteen the two large bulls.
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Interactions/forum roleplay with Blukii

I decided this will be an interaction blog thingy just for Blukii. It will be a lot cleaner and easier for me to keep up with. I want to get some experience doing forum roleplays, but the freakin' writer's block keeps getting in my way. I may start off with just my characters speaking, and little descriptive words until I get the hang of this.
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