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Infos onhow to get my perks ?

Hi !!
Could anyone be so kind to tell me how i can get
the 3d deer and the Sundeer with the link M + A sended me ?
I always end up on shapeways and have to add my visa card numbers .
I thought you get them for free with the colour of your choice ??
Thank you to anyone who can help me out !
M and A did not answer on my mail i asked for help ...
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Fly is 8 !!

Hii , Guys !!
Just noticed my Fly is turning 8 ...Damn ...Happy Birthday you OLD one lol :

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Can't see some pictos ----i see only a square ----

I know it happens when you don't have the version 3.41 ...but i have this version ....i don't understand ??
Has anyone else this problem today ?
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Time flies by fast ...Image heavy !

Happy 6 Years to my Fly !!
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The Forest with the new Windows 10 ?

Did anyone install the new Windows 10 ?
I am wondering if the game works with win10 .
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Edit : Forest Is working again !

It happened 15 min ago .
Everyone was freezed in the forest .
I have send a mail to M+A .
Michael said the server had crashed .
All is alright again Smiling
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Fly is happy to announce his 5 Years !!

Damn , time passes by so quickly and i am still here lol .
Happy 5 years , you old Fart Laughing out loud
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Hacking or not ?

I think there is someone hacking the game again ...

 photo TEF_flyleaf_20150414_215242_14x-20_00016_zpssycfhnou.jpg
Maybe you see his picto here
 photo TEF_flyleaf_20150414_215249_14x-20_00022_zpsn6suiuyq.jpg

 photo TEF_flyleaf_20150414_215246_14x-20_00020_zpstq8ewfn7.jpg

 photo TEF_flyleaf_20150414_215308_14x-20_00032_zpsv7n2ctsl.jpg

He runs like crazy upside down and so ...Kind of funny though .
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Something happening ?

What is happening near the birch forest ?ß
There are a lot of deer sitting around and watching something ....., but there is nothing lol .
Maybe some fighting between deer , i looks like the Rut lol
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Unable to connect ...Working again , Guys !

The Forest seems to be unreachable for the moment and the maptime is stuck too .
Has anyone the same Problem ?
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