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Mood: Normal
Thoughts: There are so many new faces..
Doing right now: Wandering around/watching others/sitting..
Where he/she is: Anywhere around the Pond

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Back again!

I've been gone for some time now. D:
Been having a big(BIG) break from the game,
and I think I'm ready to continue playing.
Though, I have no idea if my friends are here, still...
If anyone even remembers me. >.<

And I'm also wondering if someone could help me get my Tei his set? ^^ (gazelle pelt, gazelle antlers and real deer mask)
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Tei's Diary - February the 10th, 2009

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I still have Mio! (help plz?)

But she's not Mio anymore! she's Phoebe from now on xD
And she's a normal doe now, not that weird one.
Idea's for a new pelt?

Edit: k, then, I'll try find out myself :0
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our creatures.. XD

Oryx, moose and zebra.



Raven, squirrel and monkey.



Horse, bat, ostrich and hummingbird.

- Jadine

- Teiboku

Giraffe, crocodile, butterfly and rat.

- Jadine

- Teiboku

Debegolwol..? XD
Deer, bear, goldfish and wolf.

- Teiboku

- Jadine
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Changing his name!

I'll change Perplex' name.
From now on, his name is Teiboku.
It means shrubbery. XD His nickname would be Tei, which means air - or
Boku which means choosing(and some other stuff too).
I do this because I never really liked his name from the beginning
and I got bored with it, so I wanted to give him a new name.
It will take some time to get used to it, yes.
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Do any of you know if it's a way to turn off the black boarder where you see the pictograms?
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I've been here for over a year! Laughing out loud
I really love all my friends here XD<33
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OMG what!? it's all dark and raining!

the forest is dark! and it's raining! <3
.. euahfklre.. *dies*
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YAY! it's snowing in the forest! :D

I hope it'll snow for a while now : P
it's niice!

EDIT: heheh.. glitch? I didn't know it could snow under water too. XD

EDIT#2: and there's so many giant mushrooms! X0 everywhere!
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