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The Owl Buck (Comen)

Comen has returned to the forest!

This his favorite place. Comen's Hill
Company is welcome, hims a nice dude.
Roughly six years old
No longer in his prime. Showing no signs of old age, though.
Skype. Toastmaster_tea

Rut Page

Reference art by This lovely lady
Character and design created and owned by me
No I/Comen do not own Comen's Hill, it is an reference name when IC.
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I've finally joined the community! (Five years later)

Hello, I've been playing TEF for over five years now. I've come and gone, but recently I've been on every single day.

I've decided now to join the TEF community, I'd really like to know who I'm hanging out with on a daily basis!

WITH THAT BEING SAID---- My deer is the snowy white owl with the candles on his head. His picto is the letter 8, very easy to recognize in the game and on the MAP.

Idk how to load a picture yet, I'm still working on that one. BUT you can go on the "Screenshots" and see me, I went on there earlier and I'm actually quite popular in the screen shots Laughing out loud :D
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