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I'm afraid I have been a little optimistic. :_(

The commissioned project I am working on ran into some annoying technical problems that haven't been resolved yet.

And I wanted to start using a new version of Unreal Engine for The Endless Forest but I wasn't able to compile it from the source code. And this is required for building a dedicated server. So I will stick to the old version for now. Hopefully the source code will be fixed.

I hope you enjoyed Halloween this year! We certainly did. Even though I can't wait to do this in the remake!!

Anyway, Without being able to make any promises, I will try me best to free up as much time as possible for The Endless Forst. But I might also be traveling back to the old homeland this month since I haven't seen my parents or brother for almost two years, because of the pandemic.

I guess it's a good lesson in patience. :-/

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Delays happen to everyone, I

Delays happen to everyone, I know I'm just happy to see you diligently working on and attentive to the TEF remake, and I can't thank you enough for keeping us in the loop as you have been. Knowing what's going on means a lot to me personally, lets me know you genuinely do care and want the Community to know where things stand. I really appreciate your dedication and openness, even when it's "bad news" such as this, I'm happy to know where we're at!

Thank you, and I do hope you get to see your parents and brother, even if it takes some time away from the remake. We all deserve to get to spend time with our loved ones, and I'm glad you all have been staying safe and healthy in the meantime and I'm sure you will be careful with the virus still being how it is.

Thank you again, and genuinely, all the best to you and your family. We eagerly but patiently await your progress. Happy belated Halloween!
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We have had lots of updates,

We have had lots of updates, so don't worry! I prefer slow and steady to fast and unpreditable. Can't wait either!

Glad to hear you can see the family.

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I totally get it, I'm

I totally get it, I'm currently working on something that was supposed to take about two months, but now a month and a half have already passed and it seems far more likely that the whole thing is gonna take up to half a year or even more, ugh.
I wish such things were more predictable, but oh well, this is life and something always gets in the way.

At least I'm glad to know you still care about the Endless Forest and I really hope that all these delays won't make you lose inspiration.

P.S. Halloween was great and I can't wait to experience it in the remake as well!

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