In the Darkness Came the Art

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Dark, ominous, foreboding
Thoughts and feelings floating
Clouded vision, clouded eyes
Living dead, wants to die

Black, menacing, threatening
Affliction suffering
Losing the love, Losing the life,
Listing sins, filled with strife

Pain, agony, reliving
Sweet relief in the drawing
Tangled thinking, tangled speaking
Sketching life, sketch dreaming

Numb, paralyzed, abashed
Color and lines penciling
Clearing the way, Making a path
Curving ways, Curving wrath

Tears, a healing, more crying
Pours out through my finger tips
Intense focus, Intense movement
Release please, Release please

Peace, a calmness, a respite
Animals symbols abstracts
Metaphor light, metaphor dark
Balance in, balance out

In the darkness came the art
In the darkness came my life
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How has no one commented on

How has no one commented on this???
This is so wonderful! So very wonderful.
I'm sure everyone can interpret this in their own way but for me . . . . this is often how I feel. Depression gets splattered all over my pages when I'm feeling dark. It's a release. I always feel better after.
This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.
Kobal Snuff

♥ I adore your

♥ I adore your writing. Metaphor light, metaphor dark is my favourite line from this.
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I love the first three

I love the first three stanzas. And icky's right: how could no one have commented on this?? Lovely, lovely poem.
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Such a wonderful

Such a wonderful communication of the cathartic power of art. Love your poetry; don't stop, please. ♥
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You all are incredibly kind.

You all are incredibly kind. It is how I feel some days. Art does do that in whatever medium it comes. Thanks.