Concept 8: Long mask set

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It occurred to me that I haven't posted this one to this new community site yet! I suppose I should, since it's suddenly more relevant now than it was when I drew it! But now I don't know whether to put it in the fanart category or the concept. ....D:

On the mask is a representation of a devout deer, with the white fur and red antlers that climb up the face of the mask. Under the devout deer is the Great Oak, with its broad trunk and (presumably) green branches. The blue lines surrounding the deer face are supposed to represent the shimmering surface of the pond, but that's probably pushing it a bit. There's no symbol for the Ename ruin in there because I was afraid to make it too cluttered, but now I'm kind of wishing I had added it. At least I got the three major landmarks of the lower-right quadrant of the map all in there. (The playground didn't exist at the time I drew this picture.)

Aw very nice! I do enjoy to

Aw very nice! I do enjoy to see that mask. Great job on the fur and horns!

Many pictures posted by you

Many pictures posted by you here or in the forum have shown up as "Image has been moved or deleted". I'd love to see them though...