Brazen:; Bio

Forever a WIP lol

The bold, the shameless.

Name : Brazen
Gender : Male
Age : Young adult
Birthday : October 12, 2011
Species : Unique/Unknown. Looks like a cross between a fallow deer, an elk and a horse.
Size : 17
Scent : Sweet smell of the forest in autumn; leaves, wind, rain, wood.
Scent (second personality) : Forest fire, burned leaves.
Set : Skull Mask - Golden Butterfly Pelt - Fan Antlers
Appearance : Sharp brown antlers. Deep grey amber eyes. Brown/gold/brass colored coat. Brown mane and forelock like a horse but normal deer tail. Longer/thicker fur on the chest and feathering behind the lower legs/fetlocks. Dark brown hooves. Muzzle a little longer and rounder like a horse. Wear the skull mask most of the time. A little taller than an elk. Good musculature built for speed.
Voice : 1 2

Mental Health : 75%
Physical Health : 85%
Mood : Feels better but still feels apart. Would like to see his friends he has not seen in a long time. Feels a bit nostalgic.
Currently : //


Has developed Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder).
Two personalities at the moment but can develop more. Warning : He may be unable to remember some of the events that occurred while his other personality was in control.

Traits (main personality):
- Silly
- Curious
- Playful
- Affectionate
- Protective
- Funny
- Brave
- Shameless
- Impish
- Cuddly
- Rebellious

Traits/facts (main and second personality):
- Obsessed with the smells of other.
- Tic of the head. (nods several times without realizing it)
- Sometimes have tantrum, fit of anger. He lets off steam on the trees.

Traits (second personality - very rare):
- Jealous
- Possesive
- Really unpredictable.
- Agressive


Laqueta : Best friend.
Amelia : Best friend.
Morikiah : Respect. Admire. Father figure.
Djinn : Respect. Admire. Adoptive mother.
Gehirn : Respect. Friend.
Herla : Respect. Friend.
Idelle : Friend. Playmate.
Ravly : Friend
Ourania : Friend
Darcy : Friend
Ciel : Friend
Lane : Friend.
Eraline : Friend. RIP. Missed.
Sho : Friend
Sparrow : Friend
Gideon : Friend. Brother figure.
Gustiro : Admire. Respect.
Lucamo : Tensions.

Brazen is a character and is played as such 99% of the time.

Yes it was nice. ^^ And don't

Yes it was nice. ^^ And don't worry Brazen is injured (read recently).
rofl poor boy he's so determined and too brave.

I like this ♥

I like this ♥

Aw thank you :3

Aw thank you :3
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Belated... /stalk :3


Hi (: Thank you ^^

Hi (:
Thank you ^^
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Hi. :3 You are welcome. My

Hi. :3 You are welcome. My deer India was the mini just laying with you.

It was nice to meet her (:

It was nice to meet her (:
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same to your Brazen. Perhaps

same to your Brazen. Perhaps they'll meet again sometime soon (: Ps, like this bio.