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blah i am sick in real life, so i probably wont be in the forest much for a few days T__T i have to co to classes too, if i miss a certain amount of hours (with or without a doctors note) i automatically fail but still have to pay for it! ugh.

otherwise, i think kogy found a new set he likes! with all the drama llamas about the zombie pelts, ive been trying to find a set that looks just as cool (doubtful) and doesnt have zombie parts. so far i have the default antlers, zombie pelt, and the noh mask (the sleepy face orange one). i think i like it! i wanted to try on the nightfall pelt, but no one seemed to get the hint that i wanted a pelt spell -__-

Her is still Kogy's favorite doe, but Taiko is growing on him =) Sluggs of course, has no class and sneaks off with Vinyelle whenever Run's not around. he went from being so territorial over run to veeery friendly with Vinyelle XD

i also came up with a pelt idea! a canadian goose.

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Taiko's a stag, not a doe.

Taiko's a stag, not a doe. But Taiko is starting to think of Kogy as one of his buddies now, too. Hope you get well soon!
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I did no sneaking off!

I did no sneaking off! Laughing out loud Run's no longer interested! She's been around here, and on the forums, but hasn't been in touch, and she has left me standing in the forest time after time, without saying goodbye.

Whilst playing in the forest a few days ago, I saw a Deer wearing the default set, so I helped her get her stuff back. (She was Vinyelle) We ended up getting a bit close, but after a couple of days, I find that she's already involved with another Stag!

Anyway, I'll be gone from TEF soon. I just wanted to enjoy myself while I could. I don't have the time to wait around for Run.
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gone? from tef? like

gone? from tef? like forever? D: *distressed*
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lol oops! i think i assume

lol oops! i think i assume that deer without antlers are does (generally) i think i play this game too much though, im making up personalities and relationships and habits with my deer! i should be doing my schoolwork XD
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I can't really answer that

I can't really answer that one, Kogy. I have some real life problems here. Sad Only time will tell.
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mm understood. you just made

mm understood. you just made it so official sounding, i wasnt sure what to think! D: lol you have to tell me your secrets before you go X) how you float in the air and float up into the tree...
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Haven't you figured flying

Haven't you figured flying out yet? Shocked

OK, the easiest way to get started is to press "Esc" while you're in the air and you'll stay there. Once you're in the options screen, you can bring up the buttons and dance around, etc, in the air. If your hot keys work, (mine don't), you can press "Ctrl" to hide the menu, and use the hot keys to do whatever you want to do in the air. Only thing is, that when you use this easier way of dancing in the air, the screenshot key doesn't work, so you'll want to use Fraps or something to take screenies.

The tricky way, (the way I do it), is to press "Esc" while in the air, then click "Done" to go back into the game, then quickly pull off that trick that lets you dance whilst breaking your leg, and that'll let you stay in the air in the game, instead of from the options screen. It's really tricky to pull off, but with practice, it becomes much easier.

You should be able to start flying now! LOL!

As for floating up into trees, that's how it looks for other players, but really, I'm just running through the air and jumping.
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i knew how to fly (jumping

i knew how to fly (jumping through the air and pressing esc twice) but im still getting the hang of sitting and being able to pop up and stay sitting. ive tried to repeat it (i managed to do it twice) but i always end up standing -__-

lol good to know that you cant really fly up... really though, youll just be standing there one minute, and the next your deer will just float up alien style and start dancing o__O i had no idea you were running and jumping!
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Wooo! I have found an easier

Wooo! I have found an easier way to fly than Sluggs!
If you press listen or dance while the Ecs menu is up, then you can exit the menu and stay up! Laughing out loud
I am Liëka.