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Name: Bellsio

Meaning: Unknown

Title: Not sure yet

Age: Early 20s human years

Color: Purple

D.O.B.: January 2009

Gender: Stag

Pictogram: X

How to Remember the Pictogram: Err... a misshapen M?

Living Place: Old Oak

- Magpie pelt
- Venetian antlers
- Real Deer mask



Mate: None, has feelings for Cal


Bellsio is pretty much like a dog. He loves to play, play, play. And when he's tired, he'll rest. And then back to playing. He doesn't mind being calm every once in a while. He's a little shy at first, but he warms up to strangers pretty fast. Due to his past, he doesn't know very many words, and the ones he does know are poorly pronounced. But he doesn't have any trouble communicating. He uses grunts and noises to get his point across, and most deer who are patient enough know what he's saying.


Bellsio's mother died soon after childbirth, his father had died in an accidental drowning not long after he was conceived. He was found by a couple of long-faced deer. Unfortunately, he was found as a lower form of deer, and so he wasn't treated as well as their own. Soon, they had a fawn. She was named Glow. During Glow's fawnhood, she and Bellsio were very good friends, much like a child and a dog. They would play games all day long, and sleep together at night.

Bellsio was a bit of a trouble maker, as most pets sometimes are. He didn't know any better, really. But because of it, he was punished quite a bit. He was starved or disciplined to keep him from doing it again. Glow, when she was older, thought that it wasn't right to treat a deer like that, flat-faced or not.

Bellsio and Glow grew to be adults. Bellsio had grown to be quite large from his constant play, and very scruffy blue-ish hair. He had managed to find a mask near the border of the Forest (one of the times he was punished for straying). It was long, like his owner's. He kept it, but never wore it. His antlers grew in, and he also grew in a little mane.

Soon, Glow figured that he was being mistreated. Her parents were wrong, and she would set him free. She woke him up one night, and lead him to a forest filled with flat-faced deer like him. It was hard to leave him, but she had to do it, it would save his life. So now, Bellsio lives here, never to see his family again.

Favorite Things

- Playing
- Eating
- Sleeping
- Making friends
- Playing with friends
- Star-gazing
- Play-fighting
- Getting dirty

Hated Things

- Scary strangers
- Aggressive deer
- Playing dirty
- Getting baths
- Starving
- Loneliness

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