Beacuse I'd like to know you...

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A few days ago I stumbled across the Endless Forest and thought it looked like an interesting place.

The second day I poked my nose tentatively into the Forest I found my reason to stay...

In all the years I've been around, I honestly don't think I can say that I have seen a more moving memorial to someone departed. It was solemn and deeply beautiful in a way I have never seen expressed in an online community. I am sad to say that I never had the chance to know Run, and more so because as I have seen the response to her passing and the memories posted in the forums I can truly feel that the world has lost a very special person. I'm sorry I never had the chance to know you, Run.

So I've decided to add my voice to the herd, if you'll have me... The chance to know you is something I don't want to pass by.

~ Light the Sky

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*Sigh* Run was a great

*Sigh* Run was a great person, you would have
enjoyed meeting her. I too cannot believe how sweet
everyone was, so patient and so respectful.
I pray I'll meet you someday in the forest,
you can see my profile to know
my deer's pictogram. It was, indeed, a beautiful
memorial and I cannot believe that I missed
half of it and only got to be there a small bit.
Its really heartbreaking to know you can't be there for someone.

But enough of that, it was a beautiful
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Welcome, Light. I never knew

Welcome, Light. I never knew Run well either, but it was terribly sad when she died, and terribly moving when everyone, including Michael and Auriea, pitched in.
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