Aui - The Blind Doe.

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The Blind Doe


Name - Aui (Aw-we)
pictogram - Using x Will be x

gender - Female, (doe).
S.O. - Straight.
mate - Looking.

current set - NOH pelt, golden butterfly mask, candle antlers. She wears the nightfall pelt when it's raining, foggy, or dark out. (She thinks she looks mysterious) xD
appearance - Small, slender, lean.

likes - Frolicking in the flowers, new deer, fireflies, night, seeing her friends, helping, hoping around, making deer laugh.
dislikes - Fights, being shy, not being able to open up, being an outcast, not fitting in.

family - unknown
looks up to - no one.
would like to befriend - Anyone she meets.

Special Abilities - She's blind, so she has a high sense of everything else.
favorite places -
The playgound - When she feels like a loner, she goes to the playground and sits in the tall weeds by herself.
The Pond - Tries to meet new deer there.

personality - Kinda Shy, resentful, reliable, loyal, responsible, random, unselfish, gets scared easily.

She vaguely remembers her past. All she can think of is her dad leaving them and her mom trying to fend for her and her little fawn named Aui. She grew up fast with her pelt like autumn with the orange, green and brown. Her mask is known to whistle and her antlers show the way. She never planned for what would happen to her the next years, her mother getting poached by a hunter. She hated humans and everything they stood for. That was the end and the beginning of her new life. The one where she felt alone even when someone was with her, she seemed to be fine but in her mind she was caged and can't find a way out.

Since she is blind, her eyes as white as snow, the world around her is different. Aui has the best hearing anyone can ever have she can hear a deer coming from a mile away and know who it is by the way they run/walk/trot ect. Her sense of smell is beyond anything. She is very nice but can come off shy because if she can't see you she's not going to trust you right away.
(inprogress) && (Thank you to Nithake for giving me the idea that she could be blind)



Trackiddy track c:

Trackiddy track c:
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Track. ^^

Track. ^^
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Tracking! I see you right


I see you right now. (:
(Crying mask, real deer pelt.)
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... Very clever.

... Very clever. o:

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