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Name: Artyom
Nickname(s): Arty - Art
Title(s): blabla
Pictogram: Herkules900

Age: Young adult (19-20)
Gender: Male
Reference: xXx
Species: Pampas deer/antelope hybrid
Size: #28

Scent: Peanut butter / herbs
Diet: Herbivore
Speech: "Like this"
Voice: Soon

Pelt: DotD
Mask: Real deer
Antlers: Peacock

[ 29.6.2019 ]

So far a good day, walked up to his mother, grooming her when shes asleep, after a while tries to wake her up, but she kept on sleeping, what a lazy lady is it. Soon Mosija came to the tree, greeted him nicely, happy to see him, feeling much safer once he was around.

Few minutes after a fawn (Cu) appeared, greeted him nicely and gently, and they both started to play around, jumping and laughing together. Artyom felt shy around the fella but loved the games he had with them. Played around the tree and than moved further away a little, Mosija was watching us close, like some little naughty kids playing around.

Once the games ended and Artyom got little exhausted, he came back to his mother, noticed that the little fawn (Cu) sits in a distance from them. Mosija and Artyom invited the little guy to come and relax in their presence.

Cu left after a while, Artyom said goodbye, gives him a gentle neck hug, and watches him dissapear in the forest. Artyom laid to his mother, exhausted and satisfied in today, falling slowly a sleep.

Suddenly after an hour Mosija got attacked by Niklaus, got worried about him since he was alone on that big beast, but noticed that some people joined him in the fight. Artyom was watching from a distance, cheering for Mosija, and spitting on Niklaus.
Once he got too close so the beast was chasing him for a while, Artyom runs fast, feeling the fear that he might be killed but Mosija stopped the maniac. Hiding under the big oaks roots. Once the beast got distracted his stubborn self had been interested and worried at the same time. Following the loud noises of the fighting. Got attacked and chased? suddenly by Arun, confused for a while, tried to defend himself from that child, but didnt understood, if it was pointed at him or not. But kept a solid distance from him.

After Niklaus died, Artyom ran to Mosija, nuzzling as he was alright. Following him to his home, sitting close to him and cleaning his wounds, next to sleeping Zeljana.

100% IC
Any good or bad interaction/RP is welcome <3
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A 'Track' back for a very

A 'Track' back for a very friendly and kind person Redface Eye .
And thank you for your company.
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white ass

white ass
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interesting-track Cu and me

Cu and me had fun tonight with you and mosija.
Cu is allways looking for some company and will have an eye on you.
siggi by Sybilline
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oops, double post, sorry.

oops, double post, sorry. internet connection wont work like I would have to do Smiling
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thank you all

thank you all <3

interesting-track ? google

interesting-track ?