Are you one of these MANY deer?

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Oh noes, you have wandered into my trap!

XD; Nah, I just have a ton of screenshots of other deer, curious who they are.

Remember, the game is glitched for me, so I cannot communicate with other my only means of entertainment are sleeping, experimenting, and screenshotting.

I learned...I'll always be a plain deer with purple flowers on my antlers. No way to get anything without other deer around...;-; Too bad the glitch won't be fixed for...a very, very long time :/


Anzel fell asleep in Deermuda, and suddenly, the screen went WHOOSH, and it kept showing me random deer, or places, lol.

She woke up and kinda slid out of the ground. Then, she ran over to a deer whose symbol she had seen before...went a bit too far (she was trying to get a close-up), and...well...*pokes top pictures*

She went over to another random deer, and...kinda sank. She got out, and took more screenshots.

The running fawn...that's Anzel's clone (#1), they always run when I'm afar.

Sorry if it seems like Anzel is stabbing you, person with the bumblebee-like pictogram...she was simply greeting, even if you couldn't see her.

The random picto without much of a deer showing...yeah...thanks for hiding XD;

And, although she failed...Anzel kinda...picked her nose on the antler tip of the pink flowered deer. No screenshot, wasn't quick enough x.x

Swirly-lined, plain stag, you are mah buddeh! XD; Anzel kept coming across you, heh Sticking out tongue


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That's Sky with the Zombie

That's Sky with the Zombie antlers, skull mask, and dark brown pelt!
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The first couple, the white

The first couple, the white deer, I do believe that that is Adagio (my apologies if I spelled that wrong!!! TT_TT) The sleeping deer with the zombie antlers, that be Skyler. The deer with you facing the camera is Scape.

Oh yea, I'm not in there, just so you know ^^ lol
lol Sky, you get mentioned twice ^^
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^^ lol

^^ lol
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Scape: O.o Where'd my set

Scape: O.o Where'd my set go?
Pega: Must've been after you were chasing Sluggs and went into the river. X]
Scape: Oh yea..

magnets don't always attract
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Heh, either that, or it's

Heh, either that, or it's the fact that at times, the glitch I have likes to de-stag deer (as in, stags show up as fawns, it's odd), and SOMETIMES them! (de-pelt, and de-antler, and de-mask them, lol)