Antics 1-11 and early 12-09

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I sent Spade in earlier, playing him as an adult cuz, well, I think it's ok to now.. (Right? Wrong? o.o) He felt more like running around and testing out his antlers at his "training stump" more than anything else. But eventually curiosity got the better of him and he had to check out what everyone else was up to.

What have we here?
This is the part where I kick myself for not taking screenshots of the pelt-clone fun. XD And Trois made an appearance during that! =D He only stuck around for a few minutes before leaving, though. D= (For screenshots of all this, see Quad's candid camera post for the day.)
After Kaoori and Quad left, Spade seemed to have a fawn clinging to him for a little while. Laughing out loud Slightly awkward for him since he's really young himself, and they were doing the "attach yourself to the first deer that notices you" thing. Well, that's what you get for casting spells on a fawn. Laughing out loud Ah well. They were nice from what I could tell.
After sitting around in a patch of purple flowers, enjoying the view of the pond, he went to the hill by the Blue Bowl so I could take some closeups. X]
Eat your heart out? XD *brick'd*
As he was walking down the hill, a fawn seemed to be following him. It was one he'd seen before, but he felt like being alone in the Bowl. I snapped a few shots that seemed interesting.

After taking laps around the Blue Bowl, and then jogging up and down the river, he took a break, sitting on the bank, only to have the "clinging" fawn sit down with him. A few moments later, Spade bowed farewell and left the Forest.

Scape entered the Forest a little later (technically the next day at this point), in a hyper mood. He went to bother Halogen, who was asleep at the Ruins, but he didn't move. o.o Soon, he spotted Taiko waking up at the edge of the birch forest. Grabbing a pinecone, he air-ran over in his usual way of greeting Taiko. But thanks to the "seam" between the two forests, this failed. XD; He still hit Taiko with the antler spell though. And it seems Taiko had a spell ready too. I didn't notice the glow, but I saw the effect. XD Another antler spell.

Then it was on to the usual fun. Laughing out loud Including becoming carousel deer.
Which is how Zerg found the two of them. XD;
After some more tree-fun, Scape greeted her properly (as in no longer in the tree). A few more deer came by, starting a dance.

I don't think they were into it as much as these three, though, since they were the only ones left dancing..

Taiko sat down for awhile, and he seemed to be in la-la land, as he didn't respond to the two crazy deer sniffing him and yelling in his ear. Opportunity can't be passed up though, so...

You thought he got sat on, didn't you? XP
Then he fell asleep. o.o Pelting him did little good to wake him up.

"*echo* Hello in there!" Laughing out loud I had to.
A few fawns came over, probably attracted by the casting sound. The spell spamming that followed led to a lot of cloning for Scape and Zerg. Laughing out loud And, um..

Scape sneezed off his Nightfall pelt to help with the cloning, since he had one of the casted pelts on underneath. Eventually he settled for wearing his backup pelt, the Secretary Bird (which is why he has it on in the above pic). He had it underneath as well, so it'd be easier than getting back the Nightfall. Zerg got that cast on her too. XD
Commence some running in circles for the heck of it.

Mania found them all running around like that, but I guess she felt more like air-sitting than running..

After Taiko left, the group seemed to vanish. o.o Only Scape and Zerg were left. They stayed as clones for fun, though, making for some insanity.

Another tree-climbing attempt?

All shall fear...the ultra-twisted deer! ...yea.

Got some weird looks from a passing stag for this one. Laughing out loud
Sadly, that's when Zerg had to go. =(
After saying goodbye, Scape wondered what was going on at the Ruins. A lot of different mooing sounds had been coming from over there, and still continued.
He found Halogen and a couple of fawns casting mask spells. XD But Halo was standing kind of still. o.o He sat down a moment later. Scape joined the few gathered deer in their mask fun, but noticed when Halogen disappeared.

Dude, you left your picto behind.

Wait, what? Shocked
Sitting by the picto confirmed that there was indeed a sleeping ghost of Halogen there. Scape was able to get pelt spells. o_o The disembodied picto poofed a second later. Tired of mask spells, and growing bored, Scape sat down near Halo for awhile. While Halogen fell asleep some time later, Scape still sat, getting more bored, despite the action around him. After awhile, he decided to leave the group, heading for the dragonfly cluster, and sleep.
He stopped short of sleeping though. The dragonflies were teasing him, that they knew he had a crush, and suspected who it was. Laughing out loud Let's just say he got annoyed and denied it for awhile. They insisted they were right, though, and eventually Scape had to admit it.
He has a crush.
But he won't confirm who it is.

But I know of course. X] Mwahaha. *runs*
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lol, the twisted deer was

lol, the twisted deer was awesome. X'D I think we actually looked more like four deer than 2 in one of those screenies. XD
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It does look kinda like 4.

It does look kinda like 4. Laughing out loud

The Dragonfly Deer's Biography