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i went and created a new forum for tef players. this one has a bunch of cool features, like character sheets, signatures, special forums for journals, art, random section, datasharing, and other things. when you post, your deer's name and gender are displayed separately from your forum screenname. i've also uploaded all the action bar icons as emotes.


i'm not going to tolerate disrespect. i can and will delete threads if i have to. i trust we can all act like friends and be nice to each other. no flaming.


while the forums here are down, let this be another peaceful place to stay in contact with friends and have fun.
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Wow, Kogy that's wonderful.

Wow, Kogy that's wonderful. Its
just like the old one Smiling Thanks so much for putting
your time and effort into this. Its great!
I'm sure more users will join