all good times

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woow here I have long worked ....
these are all pretty nice or funny moments-luna and Hert_Ivy. Luna? Hert_Ivy? Well I have 2 deer Hert_ivy is my first account, later on I have a new on with a new name and a new symbool.Dat is luna-.

When I went to collage, I found not only photos of Luna but also Hert_Ivy and I came all familiar faces at the community site I now have no 'friends' more to do ... In any case it was super nice moments. And maby recognize yourself there, or someone you know. Smiling

ps: deer ivy is the one with the symbol that looks like the letter I and a kind man.Sticking out tongue
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I THINK I am the stag at the

I THINK I am the stag at the upper right picture, that's standing inside the idol? XDD Not sure though, but I recognise the moment. Seele would it be. And at the bottom, in the middle, there's a picture of three deer dressed the same. Those are (from left to right) my Poltergeist, Shimmy's deer and Ravenflight <3

--Stays a lonely Seele

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oke! when I made this when I

oke! when I made this when I saw the deer who supposedly sit around the table, I also recognize the middle one of a lot of screenshots of other people Smiling

oh yeah if you recognize yourself in a photo ,add a comment ,that seems very nice Eye