Aleit for arrowdoe

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This is just another leftover picture from my 25 Days of Christmas list, this time of arrowdoe's Aleit. This one wasn't a request, but rather another random gift. I figured that she could use a smile. Finally having the chance to draw him brought one to my face, too. Thank you, Aleit, for being a kind nephew to Wesker and thank you, arrowdoe, for all that you do for us. (:
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I told you I love this

I told you I love this already, but, yes.
I love his smile. He's just so powerful yet benevolent.

Okay, seriously going to bed now.
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This is stunning! I

This is stunning! I absolutely adore how you've incorporated the markings into his fur pattern, and they're all so precise and perfect! Just gorgeous work.
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I think this might be your

I think this might be your best one.
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you did a beautiful job on

you did a beautiful job on the fur texture- i like it a lot.

His expression is what held me.
he seems like he possesses a kind soul.
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This is gorgeous! I love the

This is gorgeous! I love the way you do fur and shading. *wants to reach out and touch it*
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Thank you very much,

Thank you very much, everyone. I actually wound up using a smaller brush size for this one, (convinced that I had forgotten how to color overnight or that my tablet pen was being obnoxious), but I rather like how it turned out and may continue to use it after all. I'm glad that you guys like it. ^^
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Oh my goodness. I'm

Oh my goodness. I'm speechless, Scythe...
I've been admiring your art since your 25 DoC started, and now to wake up to something as wonderful as this just makes me smile. I love his little grin, and the texture of his fur! It's incredible!
Thank you so much for this, Scythe, this is beautiful.

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You're very welcome,

You're very welcome, arrowdoe. I appreciate the compliments, but the pleasure was all mine. He was a joy to finally draw and I'm so happy to hear that you like it. ^^