ACEOs and a doodle

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Pictures below~ Smiling

Got out my watercolours today and made a few ACEOs. Smiling They're 2.5" by 3.5". It's only my second time painting with watercolour, so they're probably not very good ;u; But they were fun to make! The top and left-hand ones are of my TEF character Fieran (who unfortunately has not been in the forest for a while because I've been busy. He's going to get fat if he doesn't get a run around soon Sticking out tongue). Hopefully you can just about glimpse the crying idol in the top one! The other is a random deer guy because I was just in an antler-drawing mood. Also my first attempt with masking fluid!

The ACEOs are all for sale here if you're interested:

Aaand this is a sketchbook doodle of Fieran. He looks a little derpy because that's what happens when I try to watch TV and draw at the same time :L And I still suck at deer anatomy. I've been studying an animal drawing book I got but didn't have it with me at the time. Ignore the random floating girl XD

If the pictures aren't visible, let me know and I'll give you a direct link X'D I've had a few issues with posting pictures here where people have said they can't see them.

These are really good,

These are really good, Rebecca! Laughing out loud he has such a cute facial expression in the bottom picture. c:
I love the top watercolour picture, frickin amazing! o.o The forest looks so pretty. Laughing out loud <3
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Thank you! It's so difficult

Thank you! Laughing out loud It's so difficult painting on such a small piece of paper, so it blobbed a bit in places X'D I'm glad you think they look OK though!
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