148 - New Deer in TEF

148 is new here. She says "MOOOOOOOIIIEEE!"
She's happy now here.
Can you look for her?
You will regonize her anyway by her picto.
148 wishes to have a new appearance grown-up, also. A new pelt, take out those antlers (she is she), mask or a new figure can be a good idea.
She will thank you a LOT.

She can speak three languages: spanish, english and deer-ish.
Write her by those languages.
(who said endlessforest.org is only english? huh!?)

Tally's picture

I'll be your friend. I'm a

I'll be your friend. Smiling

I'm a fawn too but ive become an expert at teaching new deer what to do in the game. I'm popular with nameless deer & new fawns.

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8'D otra latina!!! no puedo

8'D otra latina!Exclaim!!
no puedo creerlo!!!! Bienvenida!!!
soy de Argentina.. xD alfin alguien que habla español
;__; el ingles me cuesta!
espero encontrarte en el Bosque x3