1/14/09-1/15/09 antics and randomness (updated)(image heavy)

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I think I really over screenshotted, but meh. Anyway, when I first entered the forest, I was almost immediatly greeted by a fawn who wanted a spell casted on him. He led me to a mushroom circle and we eventually got the shapeshift spell... I hit him with a dove spell, and I got frogged. |D

Later I sneezed off frog mode and joined a large group of deer... Kind of hyper, though not completely warmed up yet, I started sitting on everyone.

I also tried to help get Rowan's set back... but she woke up before I could get the mask and antlers correct. |D

Back to sitting.

"I didn't do it!"

I had to leave at that point, then came back later... I went to the playground to show the deermuda I don't fear it. |3 And ooooh, closeups.

I left and came back again...

And headed for the lake. There I ran into Uio and another dotd doe... (sorry,I am not sure who it was). There, I decided to join in dotd antics and sneezed off most of my spelldata to reach my dotd pelt, magpie antlers, and long mask. Cue mandness. We headed for the graveyard. There we involved some craziness, which eventually turned into gravestone antics.

"Ah... such a comfy... headstone."

and cloning.

As if we need more than one hyperactive skellinton in the forest? XD Eventually I turned Uio into a Zerg clone. This in turn really freaked out an innocent stag nearby.

Then he fell asleap so I eventually left myself. Dinner and all...

Later that night I came back again. I headed for the playground. It was around 11 pm when I came back on... and I was happy to see Scape had made it into the forest (knowing he had picto problems.) I was hesitant to join scape, halogen, and selig at first, since I had my 'halloween/autumn' set on instead of the less freaky orca set which admittedly I've grown fond of. I often notice deer in the forest react differently to my appearance when I switch sets. In the end I joined them for antics like air sitting and dancing, and rock sitting.

I tried to sneeze back my orca set as far as I could, but was dissappointed when I ran out of masks. Could have kicked myself for messing up my leave of the forest after the dotd antics... I didn't get my orca set back since I alt-tabbed out instead of ctrl-alt-del'ing. Scape then sneezed off his masks to help me feel better, and it did.

|D Zerg has wings! ... and Scape can fly without any. XD

We then had some demon rock antics in the deermuda.

And rock sitting...

After a while I asked Scape to help me get my orca set back, and we walked off to find a tree with 'shrooms... then both got our masks back.

From the tree I could see a sleeping deer, then routed us over to get the rest of my pelt back. We spellspammed eachother for a bit, untill we had our desired set complete. Some fawns joined in and we pelted the sleeping deer and the fawns a while... even made the sleeping deer a chair.

One fawn got particularly close to us, and kept trying to lead us around for drinks and grazing, and dancing. It also occasionally hid under us. o.O
(me: X3 You wanted to adopt it after a while.
Zerg: <_< it was cute...)


Eventually a fawn appeared with the devout pelt. I started backing up and tried to hide behind Scape, until I saw the fawn casting. Getting into a 'bet you can't cast on me' mood, Scape and I sprinted for the crying idol. Two of the fawns followed us, including one who wanted to fight, and the epically friendly one who wanted to hide under us. Scape and I got red pelts and stood by the idol... Kind of made me think of brittish red coats. |D

I left around 1:20 am at the crying idol. I kind of remembered I had to go to work today so... I needed sleep. |D I said good night to Scape and the remaining fawn and dove into the shallow water to sleep.

Very nice pics!

Very nice pics! Eye

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That fawn was very nuzzly.

That fawn was very nuzzly. XD I wonder what was up with the other one though. O.o Even Scape's attempt to block them did little good.

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You kinda' forgot to mention

You kinda' forgot to mention picture heavy in the rubric, my computer just.. sorta'... died? x'D
But I should've seen this coming, considdering the rubric! xD
Nala, the kind and oh so playful little butterfly doe.
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X'D Sorry, I wasn't too sure

X'D Sorry, I wasn't too sure if I could fit the addition of the words 'picture heavy' in there. XD
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Aha it's okay, liek I said,

Aha it's okay, liek I said, I should've seen this coming! xD
Nala, the kind and oh so playful little butterfly doe.