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This isn't active anymore, I'm just keeping this so I have the memories.
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can i RP tenley with sire

can i RP tenley with sire kluddsmiths?
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

Oh sure but he might seem

Oh sure but he might seem grumpy at first since he is a copy maker after all.
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ok, you start!

ok, you start!
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

In the dark night of the

In the dark night of the forest ran a stag. The fog's force field was broken by the large muscular body as well a tree toppled over to it's side crashing into pieces of wood. The stag strangely stared and started of again for yet a plan had come to him to find the true life the main life of one of those does that he had pretended to be a father of. But all that father stuff had been fake as ever. The stag ran thinking of his plan and what he would say to one of his warriors called Themis that he didn't notice a shape in his way. When he noticed it he nearly didn't stop in time. " For once I have to say this for once why are these little creatures in my way! For yet maybe I would have squished you flat instead of letting you live and then you'd be my lunch. Plus what are you doing up this late?" The large stag bared down at the shape letting one eye open and the other one closed as he made himself another tail.
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Tobbie limped over to a tree

Tobbie limped over to a tree and started to rub her back on it. She could hardley see the tree through the thick fog.... She continued walking as she came a large open area. She lowered her head sniffing the air for danger. none. But she did see a large figure in thick fog. A stag. she trotted towards him, who haden't noticed her.
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

Sire Kluddsmiths suddenly let

Sire Kluddsmiths suddenly let a light glow in his eye sockets of his skull face. Opening his mouth he started again to stare at the figure and then the light in his eyes went dark. " So you are a doe Ah?". He partly turned around then turned back. " Strange little doe. About the size of the one I want killed! But you don't even look like her..." Sire Kluddsmiths stared at his tails with the spikes sticking out of them. Then he started to aim his tails at Tobbie. But he stopped something didn't let him attack her. Some type of force field stopped the attack. It was something inside him. Something strange...
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Tobbie tilted her head."

Tobbie tilted her head." killed is a strong word, kludd." she smiled ear-to- ear, her cheshire smile again. She walked towards him at a slow pace. "hmh... your kinda tough... aren't you?", she laughed a deep, rich laugh. She was close to him enough to stare into his eyes. " I don't think im the one you want dead..", her smile faded and she stared at him.
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

" Little doe what you must

" Little doe what you must know is I am known to have led a world darker then this much more violent then this world as well as if this other deer would have come out of the mist then she might have thought you were a snack and swallowed you up. Good thing for you she is not here." The stag turned and suddenly turned back. " And how... DO... YOU... KNOW... MY... NAME? Tobbie!" The stag made a roar that it could be heard through all the night and a couple of birds started flying off. " Let me guess Tobbie dear Tobbie. You heard the name before or a guess?" a teasing roar came from his throat. " Maybe I said killed because my kind are warriors they try to concur places by pretending that they are allies. So my dear Tobbie if you pass this little quiz I'll spare your life. It's simple. Just you have to find out who is me and who are my copies." With those words the stag created copies of himself.
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" I cannot be eaten when im

" I cannot be eaten when im already dead!", she looked at the copies and spoke softley " none of them, and one more thing, i cannot be fooled." She smiled her cheshire smile and roared a deep roar from the back of her throat almost as loud as his but more demonic and raspy.
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

" As for one dear one we

" As for one dear one we might be dead all of us as well as being things walking on the surface of this world and not having a mind." The stag started to chuckle. " Some have buttons for eyes others have no eyes and others have eyes that don't work." Sire started again to beam at Tobbie again. " And some are undeads that could have likely been killed once and say they could not be fooled. Yet all these creatures end up finding loss in their hearts when they see this fate that hunts them not endlessly but differently. They find them selves in the other worlds as well as fake ones. But tell me for one there are many undeads aren't there? And some already saw their ends again? So let me know that you aren't the undead that caused one death to me? Yes I died more then a hundred times. hmhmhm." The stag looked to the endless forest's clearing.
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" You are right, there are

" You are right, there are many undeads here, or in other worlds. But i know many kill for pleasure or revenge, and im telling you now i didn't die because of any of that. I died so that i wouldn't be hurt again.", she looked at the ground in displeasure. " would you like to understand that, or wouldn't you?", she looked at him, her back fur raised, her face was as pale as ever. " I would like to challenge you, for i want to know if my will is strong enough to defend the ones i love. Would you except the challeng?"
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

" It's one of the good

" It's one of the good reasons to die and a bad reason to die you see this. A will under my kind would say we'd have to do anything to stay alive. and yet it was your choice correct?" Sire starts to chuckle. " And if you want a challenge then I'll do it but what if you fail then what what if I rip a few parts of you then what? Are you sure about this. If you are then get all the weapons you have you need them for this challenge." Sire Kluddsmiths took a step back his fur stood on end and then he began to charge...
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Tobbie stared, her cheshire

Tobbie stared, her cheshire smile widening. She waited for him to get very close then she dodged, jumping high and landing on his back. She tore into his fur with her rows of sharp jagged teeth.
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

Sire stared at her ripping

Sire stared at her ripping his fur of and then he started to ran as fast as he could with that he crashed a tree making a bump. He felt the does body off of him. Starting he lowered his antlers and started to crash them close to her then he felt something maybe it was Tobbie's leg or body and then he started with full force throwing Tobbie up in the air and moving a distance away from her landing spot.

I have to go now. We'll continue this okay tomorrow maybe since I have to go. Okay I'm back on the line.
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I would like to rp With my

I would like to rp With my little Fawn wish...can you Human Rp!?
If you want hi Bio in my Siggy the link labed WISHes is his bio!!

I've lost my brain for a

I've lost my brain for a little bit, but when I get it back, I'm sure I'll figure out uh.. how to .. post a.. roleplay.. thinger.. -twitches and drools-

(that's Fish-anese for "TRACK!")

Willet: Ofcourse you can RP

Ofcourse you can RP in human forgot to mention that so you can choose a character and away we go! In human character form that is.

Fishy from the ocean:
Fishy hello! I also had one thing why didn't I make a little t thing on Emm's life.

(that is Tanny talk for WHY DIDN'T I TRACK EMM'S BIO EARLIER)
Thanks both of you.
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My little wish with your Sir

My little wish with your Sir cuddle smith, and seens I dont have a pic uploaded on his bio this is what he looks like as a human, drew it my self YESH!


Woah that is an amazing

Woah that is an amazing picture of him. Sadly I only have the deer form of Sire Kluddsmiths. (For short call him Sire or Kludd) I'm still working on humans thats the back up for some human appearances. (I really need to have practice with my humans) Is that okay with that I have no human appearance for my character?
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ppssshhh yeah thats fine!

ppssshhh yeah thats fine! Just thought seens I have a pic of him id show you! ok do you want to start!?

Sure! It was the afternoon.


It was the afternoon. Even though it was hot the gentleman walked through the streets in a long black coat and a black top hat on his head. Black shoes black clothes. Little puddles were on the side walks and streets lasted from the short summer shower. Sire turned into another street of the little village to find a little boy as an encounter...
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Wish sat there diping his

Wish sat there diping his fingers in jears that he hat pulled out of the dark green mesangers bag he wore. He ran the fingers all over the side walk square he sat cross legged in the midel of. He gigeled as he dipped his fingers back into diffrent jars.

Sire stared at Wish. " You

Sire stared at Wish. " You sure are happy sitting in this spot as well as doing that for one." Sire bent down to look at the boy. "My name is Sire Kluddsmiths. You can call me Sire. And yours is?" As if Sire forgotten that he was a stranger when he asked that to Wish.
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The tiny pale boy looked up

The tiny pale boy looked up and squeeked, he was frightened by this man, as useual. And this was a tall talkitive colorless man at that! In his fear his eyes turned deark blue "Wha..Wha..Wish" his tiny paint covered hand shook.

Sire knew this way about kids

Sire knew this way about kids since it happened so many times to him before. " No need to be afraid. I won't hurt a child of any sort. Every glad to meet you Wish." The gentleman stared at the jars then the boys hand and then at the boy himself. He nodded his head slightly.
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His eyes turned ligghter

His eyes turned ligghter blue. "Oh...ok na nice to meet you to" he began to wipe his rainbow colored hands back with his bandana, makeing sure he got all of it off his claws befor standing and puting the jars away.

Sire fix his top hat a little

Sire fix his top hat a little bit. " And may I ask you is anyone watching over you since it looks like it's going to rain. You can't always be with out shelter when there is a storm." Sire stared up at the sky which was filling up with dark rain clouds in the barely sunny afternoon.
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He looked up and flashed his

He looked up and flashed his fang filledwhite smile "No one takes care of me" there was no happyness to his voice.

Sire Kluddsmiths stared sadly

Sire Kluddsmiths stared sadly at the boy since when he was a child his parents cared for him. " Well you can't stay out here! You can come with me my little home is not far from here it's in that apartment building see that one the one that's colored with bright yellow." Sire pointed at the apartment building as a rain drop fall from the sky. " I think now you have no choice it looks like there's a storm coming up. Here come with me.
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Wish did have a choice, He

Wish did have a choice, He could turn and run from this man or go with him. Against his better judgement he reached for the mans hand for he useually had troubel keeping up with others.

Sire walked fast since the

Sire walked fast since the rain had been pouring down now and every thing was wet. Opening the door to his little house he let Wish dry up. This would be a shelter to the little boy for now but the thought of leaving a child on it's own just bothered Sire. It was heart breaking after all.
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Wish looked around the place

Wish looked around the place though he did not move, He felt uncomfortable at the moment. His eyes turned a sterange yellow green colorin his unease.

The rain pattered outside the

The rain pattered outside the windows as well as lightning struck. " You can look around now it's save in here." Sire stared at the window still something made him look worried. As if he had lost something.
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The boy set his bad down and

The boy set his bad down and began walking around looking about tha place, allways peeking around corners befor turning about them. When the lighting struk he yelped and threw himself against the wall, chest heaving as he searched his plain of view for an attaker.

As usual the home would also

As usual the home would also have a dog walking around staring the boy but there was no dog or any other pet just Sire and Wish themselves. As well as a half empty book shelf that kept books of almost impossible things. As powers or spells. Sire took one of the books and began to read it while doing a strange thing either trying to create something or just trying to make a copy of something say a cup. Since of that he wasn't ordinary person as said by someone.
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Wish noticed the other had

Wish noticed the other had made himself at home and sat next his bag. From his bag he pulled out a small pad of papper and more jars. He stiared at his claws with an intensity like no other the colors of his eyes grew as his pupils shrank to the size of pin points. His claws lengthened to shapr spears. He dipped his claws in the jars and began to scribbel colorfull nothingness onto te papper.

oopppsss llooonnggg!!

Sire put down the book and

Sire put down the book and went over the door since he heard a knock on the door. " Yes who is it! Oh... yes that is the book I need thank you." He closed the door and started again at the book

Thats not that long because I made this large comment which I was ashamed of. Heh.
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Wish watched carefull as he

Wish watched carefull as he anwsered and left. He saw these book and woundered though he kept to him self, for most older peopl didnt like it when kids ran around and never stopped talking. It was good to feel the warmth of a house for once and he wasnt quite ready to make his leave.

Messing with more items Sire

Messing with more items Sire started to make the copies disappear. Not likely noticing Wish looking at the book. As well the storm was starting to get half way through. As lightning struck again a sudden light came on.
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Wish jumped with the lighting

Wish jumped with the lighting but was to busy watching, with bright yellow eye, the things the man was doing. "wwhhooaaa" his tiny voice whispered, and he suddenly Wished to show the man his tricks but stayed put.

As well the arts of the

As well the arts of the gentleman were strange they came from another world. As well this world wasn't Good or Bad world it was a neutral world. So as it was told any had arts they never showed in cases of that to learn these arts it would take some time. As well as Sire did his own gifted arts known to copy it almost felt as if some one else was in the house. There were footsteps in this little house. Sire turned his head but saw no one. Maybe he was thinking to hard. There the footsteps started again. He had thought he saw some figure in his house. Definitely some one else was here instead of the young boy. Then the door opened and closed the person who was the figure had left. But still Sire didn't like that someone went in his house without permission or being told. He knew the young boy was there he could see him but who was the other one in his house?
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Wish dream a blood red candle

Wish dream a blood red candle stick from his bag and began snapping his fingers, then he noticed something. His head perked up. A person!? No. Wait..yes! His heart sped up.Clutching his candle he pressed himself against the legs of the man his breathing speedy and hard. When he hered the door close he whimpered.

Sire stared at the boy who

Sire stared at the boy who had grabbed his feet. When he saw the candle burst with light he stared at it. " Did you read that book? You know books might have magic in them as well as power. That book over there came from one of the neutral worlds. If you want to see it and get out of this place I could show you it." Slightly raising his hands he let a blue light slip out of them and a formation of a portal light thing sat in place of a wall. The light had lit up the whole room.
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Wishes eyes whent wide as his

Wishes eyes whent wide as his head swireled with the new imformation. He wanted to say "No...I.I can just do that..I allways have done that..I dont know why" But the second the swireling blue lite came he was so mentaly engulfed by tit he just siared "Ohhh...colorffuulll" he droped the candle that blew out the moment it left his grip.

" It is some have mastered

" It is some have mastered these ways long enough to go through worlds many do this as well as allies and enemies. If you master this to the highest level you can see these things but others can't that is why some go to the neutral worlds since they have unlimited powers at first." Sire stared at the portal seeing something he once saw before another world had been created.
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Wish was bafely listening to

Wish was bafely listening to the man his entire being engulfed by the bright swireling colors. He reached out to it and took a step forward. "Sooo colllooorrrffuulll" he smiled as his fangs and claws ge gan to grow. th candle floated into the air and burst to flams again as did twenty of so more that began to roll out of his bag, these all where many awemazeing brite diffrent colors though.

" Be careful! Once this is

" Be careful! Once this is gone then there will be a day to wait until I can make another one.-" A voice sounded in the room again and disappeared. " Do you want to go in there? We have to go quickly through or else there could be damage." Sire stood to his whole hight.
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These words broke his

These words broke his thoughts just enough and the boy whisperes "THat is my Wish" the candles suddenly burned brighter with his words makeing a hissing sound like A fire work about to go off. His claws grew longer yet his fangs no longer fit in his mouth and stuck out a tiny bit when it was closed. He took another step closer.

Sire walked up to the boy. "

Sire walked up to the boy. " Wish one thing have to know this world might be not the safest of all. You may see practice fights there master's that are enemies." Sire stood and inch away from the portal. " Ones that have more powers then others."
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The word "Fight" hit like a

The word "Fight" hit like a rock in the gut and his eyesturned from the blissfull yellow to the rageing blood red. He claped his eyes closed and covered his ears suddenly in agonizeing pain. "I wish it would go away"!!! He shreeked falling to his knees. The candles seemed to attack the portal but to no avail, some dissapered and others flew at it pointlessly.