Weak and Alone

So I'm writing more now that Erza has "grown." Because he's a stag I've decided to bring another deer into The Forest and this tells how (I haven't actually "made" her yet) As always, please tell me what you think!

Erza was shy - there was no doubting that but the growing sense of fear he felt whenever he saw a deer was fresh. He would run if a deer approached, even though he knew they were probably friendly. So, after a day on constant lookout, he was exhausted. Physically he was in good condition but the mental strain was torture. Erza questioned himself; should he leave? Where would he go? Would anyone miss him? They all swirled through his mind but at least he knew the answer to the last one.


Of course no one would miss him. He was a weak stag with a past that tortured him. He was unnoticable - they would all walk, trot, gallop past and not even glance at him. It was worse than being a ghost. He was alone. No friends, no family - not even a sense of recognition.


He saw Ouna's glistening black pelt and smiling violet eyes floated to the front of his mind. He flopped onto the grass, not even bothering to check where he was or if there were anyother deer around, and began to cry. His sobbing was silent and you could hardy notice the tears against his dark, dark fur, but the way his body jerked made his actions un-mistakable. He closed his eyes and felt more run down his face.

Suddenly, a great awakening light pierced underneath his eyelids and forced his eyes open. He could hardly recognise where he was but, as it was incredibly important in this forst he knew straight away. The Statue of the Twin Gods! The two stone creators were slowly moving apart and the light was only getting brighter.

Erza scrambled up, ears flat and glancing around. What was happening? He heard a female voice - It was like he knew it but he'd never heard it before - and said to him in her voice of velvet "A God given gift." Then a male voice chimed in, similar, but completely different, and it said "from us, to you."

The stones stopped moving, and a deer bathed in white light - no made of light stepped down from the stone. Erza saw it take a deep breath and he flinched expectantly.

The light faded and standing before him was a purple fawn with black eyes and white pupils.
"Hello... Erza... I'm your sister..." It whispered and collapsed in front of him.

So that's it for now, I'll be bringing in Zera soon (see, an anagram of Erza!) and when I write her Biography, I'll explain more her relevance (is that the right word?) to Erza.