Story (Read at your own risk)

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I was a good girl. My mum always told me that. I always do what my mum says because she is always right. My mum says that everything bad that happens is the Devil’s fault. I believe that. If I don’t believe it mum says I will go burn in hell. Every-night I pray to God. If I don’t pray the Devil will kill me. At night mum always sings me a song to sleep to. “God is love the Devil is death. If you swear God will dread.If you lie you’ll die in bed Remember God is our father. Remember that the Devil is a stranger.” I love this song. My mum told me to sing it everyday. My mum says that my dad is the Devil. She said that he kills and rapes. Everyday when he comes I hide under my bed. He always tries to get me. Mum says he wants to take me to the Devil. He screams at mum and I hate it.
Today me and mum went to the store. She told me to chant “Strangers are my death” and I did. Mum told me to wait at the stores doors as she gave me the Light Box. I love the Light box. Mum says that she will play games with me if I answer. The Light Box rang and I answered. Mum says the Light Box is magic. She tells me to take peoples money for God. I love helping God. I always wondered what he looked like. After I take enough she comes out of the store with some candy! I love the candy. Mum says that God sent us the candy to thank us. When we went home I saw my Father with other people around him. These people had black uniforms on. I heard mum say that these people want to steal me. My mum hid me behind her while screaming at them. They had guns pointed at us. They shot mum. Her body fell over me. I couldn’t move. I felt mum’s blood cover me. My father started to pick me up and I bit him. I don’t want to go to hell. They shot me with a weird needle and I fell asleep.

I woke up in a car. My Father was next to me. I quickly tried to open the door but it was locked. My Father started holding me tightly. He is going to kill me! I bit him and tried to go to the driver seat but it had a cage blocking me. I started pounding it. The car stopped and they picked me up outside. They started putting something around my hands. I ran but they quickly caught me. I kicked and screamed but nothing worked. One man dropped his gun. I bit the man’s hands that were holding me and when he let go I tried taking the gun but my hands were stuck. The Man quickly got the Gun and started yelling at me. I kicked him in the sin. Mum told me to kick men between their legs because men are sins. Mum called it sin. It worked for a little bit. He fell on the ground. My Father tackled me and I hit my head on the street. Blood started dripping down my face as I cried and screamed. The Men dragged me in the car and put on this loud sound. I started kicking and screaming. Then they pointed a gun at me and yelled. I didn’t stop and then they shot me. I started twitching. It hurt. It felt like a lightning bolt hit me. They stopped the car and put me in a building. It had a lot of cages. I was so weak that I couldn’t move. They put me in a cage and I fell asleep.
When I woke up a Man started dragging me out of the cage. I started to kick and scream. I got loose and started to run for the exit. I then felt a sharp sting on my back. They shot me! I fell on the floor and laid there. They crowded me as I was crying from the pain. This was the Devil’s doing.He did this. I then went to a light. It wasn’t white like people say. It was red.