Pictures 3-20-08

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The Easter Abio is coming up! I can't wait!... I can't promise awesome pictures, but maybe Dai will get lucky and be able to hide in the background to take some close-ups of deer having fun. The atmosphere is already so lovely, I love the new dance song... though.. it's a bit... scarey.... that aside, here's today's share of pictures<3


A couple of Echo, she's a very calm deer so it was easy to take photos of her.. I'm sorry for my picto getting in the way, I have to learn to sit when I'm taking pictures of a calm deer.

A close-up of a couple fawn, they're too adorable.

I'm pretty sure Dai managed to get Nem (is it Nem, it looks like Nem's picto. Nem was sweet to Dai so Dai had to figure a way to thank her.

If anyone would like to help me with this indevour I would love it. White deer faces are gorgeous if you ask me, but everyone's usually wearing a mask when someone casts it on them. So if there's ever a deer with the white pelt and no mask, please find me or Dai ( ) in the forest (I hope I'm by the playground)