DisclaimerHidden hovers. Code by me with snippets from various users (can't remember names, sorry).

This is a diary-esque blog.

This is a character, so it will be IC 100%.
Don't take everything it does personally.


Woke in the usual spot as before, dropped down from its perch and settled down by the pond. May venture around for a bit, but seems content where its at now. Hardly really moves if at all, not really a creature of interaction unless interacted with. Idly listening to the waters.

5/12 - 5/13

Entered the world of the forest for the first time, having opened a gate from a different plane and ended up walking here. Spread its wings high and shadowed whoever was before it in the darkness. Although lowered its wings and ruffled them and pressed them firmly to its side. The symbol glowed with great curiosity as it followed the sound of running water. Settled down at the edge, and one of the wings lifted slightly, the eye glowing red as it took notice of a small figure inside the calm waters.

Didn't really show much interest in the child in the water or anything else. Did hold a fairly short conversation with another that was mostly just asking how they were. Silence after that. Not much really going on. Ventured off and watched the young ones in the pond and among other things. Met some faces (don't remember who u are, sorry). Slept for a while after that in a cocoon of darkness in the branches of a nearby tree.

Woke up later and ventured to the pond in the usual spot and settled down, might frequent this dip in the earth every now and then. Noticed the same water child from before, but didn't really pay attention to them. Eventually fell back asleep, might return later.

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