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He's only a yearling and this is technically his first rut. Not likely to join in any serious fights but may butt heads with other young bucks in playful mock spars. Drawn strongly into herding with other deer during this time of year and in affect may be less flighty. However, will still be a bit skittish around large, older stags or antlered does unless given reason not to be, Competitors and Challengers are welcome to either chase him off or herd him with the Judges. Not likely to do much judging as it really isn't his role, with that said may still follow Competitors/Challengers that he is impressed by to watch and learn from them.



April 23, 2016:
Beginning to venture slightly from his hiding place near the Drink Plaats. Still sticking close to his nest and never venturing further than the Birch Forest. Foraging for food and getting a feel for the surrounding area.
Still suffering from stiff muscles and weakness. Still rather disoriented. Highly flighty at this stage.
Encountered The Red briefly. Watched and was watched from a distance. Also observed a doe from afar. Wary but perhaps comforted by the familiarity of other deer in his new outlandish surroundings.
Seemed to have caught the attention of something strange shortly after. Wasn't sure what it was and tried to assess it's intentions and if it is a threat. It seemed mild in manner for the most part.
Later still, was approached by a small herd of deer. Wary at first but tolerated the approach. Got antiquated with the group's scent, if a bit timidly. Sensed something familiar about said scent. Once the group wandered off rested with the remaining deer which happened to be a smaller species, a roe, he was not familiar with. After a time was coaxed by the roe to the herd on the other side of the Plaats.

April 16, 2016:
Brought to The Endless Forest after a rescue by the deity, Vee. Currently suffering from the after affects of Capture Myopathy. Muscle stiffness, weakness, tremors, incoordination. Keeping to the long grasses of the birch.

Information: Just some notes for now.
Name: Nameless
Pictogram: ForestTotem
Alias': Six, Red Russet, Rust, My Potato
Scent: Musk, heather, highland hearth.

- Wild Red Deer
- Male
- Yearling