My first adventure

The day was February 7th, when i first found myself in this strange forest.

When i first found myself here i was confused and didnt understand what i was do to, so i set out on my adventure. The forest, at first, exept for a few small animals, seemed to be empty, void of any other deers for me to play with.

That was in till i came upon a great tree.

In this tree was another deer, though he was sleeping. So try as i may to wake him he did not budge.
leaving the tree behind, hesitantly i must add, I had become fond of its peaceful aura, i happened upon a pond.

OH and what a splendid place it was, i spent much time watching the fish and dancing on the shores.

thats when i saw something...

YES, another deer, but this was no ordinary deer, this deer was magnificently colored with giant antlers i could only dream of.

So, i followed.


he lead me, unknowingly or not I do not know, to some type of stone pillar, it seemed to be a lost statue from a past time, and around it were many other deer.

i was very happy.

some of the deer were like me, small, possibly still a little lost, but happy to have found some friends.

I rejoiced.

I spent quite a while playing around that stone object, not wanting to leave in fear that i would be unable to find it again.

But i did, eventually. And i was happy. For i had found a great collection of rocks that ranged from small to huge! it was as if the gods had created this area for the sole enjoyment of it. the fun of climbing and hopping, it was wonderful. so wonderful in fact that i couldn't help but let out a yell on the largest stone.

at this I was content so i returned to the tree and went to sleep to dream of my next adventure.

When i awoke i found myself still in the tree, but ready to find out what else there was to be discovered in the great forest.

But first i wanted to visit the rock playground and the stone structure.

So i did.

Soon i found myself wandering the forest, occasionally stopping when i saw a fellow deer to socialize.

But then something appeared in the distance that intrigued my curiosity. There were ruins, and where they came from i did not know, but it didn't matter. though these ruins made me sad, i felt as if i was lost, the only other deer there was a bright red one sleeping next to some type of cage. though the place did not let down my curiosity, i missed the excitement of the other deer and their funny antics.

So i returned to the Stone structure and played, danced, laughed and finally..


in till my next adventure.