'distant winds'

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Book 1#

sorry this story is nonforest right now but hope all who reads it likes it

this story is by me. if there is any question about it (charitores, creature, places, cultures, ect) ask. tell me if i should continue to write on it. this is about a different plant, creatures, places.

Armmonest= a horse warroir type createre. (armored, stands up on two legs, read on to learn more)
war-tigers= a tiger type creature (four legged, armored creature)

Chapter 1 Distant winds

A distant wind blew as a storm cloud blew in. all in the city of Nimly were turning there suits in, ready to go home after a long day. For Rim there was a problem, one of his suit’s com links was broken. The young Armmonest sat at the stone wall out side of the court yard. He looked to his broken com clip for a wile and sighed.
He started to wonder why the court yard. Did the war-tigers plan the attack? How could they get away from the place without anyone seeing? Or did someone see? Rim looked down, the suit’s collar was navy blue.
He started to look up again when he soon realized his problem. He slowly started to frown at the facts that was in front of him. Why and how, Rim jumped up at the why, almost tumbling over. This thought never ever came to him. But why did it, the problem grew more with the fire official gone and the stone official killed in such a way. By the forsworn creatures.
Things were only to get harder in Nimly. For years the official traveled to Nimly for there meetings. Now they would seek other comforts of places. Or would they after there loss? Never again he knew plain and clear that such a tragedy would come. No. such a tragedy will come again and never will it be a pretty sight.
Rim’s thoughts soon slither because the look on Auqicik’s face. Auqickik the goddess of fire was one how never stops to think so when she does things she has no emotion. But when the war-tigers came that face was never plain again. Her face was stained with the sorrow on the great losses of the temples. Auqesta on the other hand was boiling under his mask till it started to turn red, this told Rim that they were mad and would do anything to save the official and kill the infidels.
Rim shuddered at the thought of that, he looked over at a storm pipe he started away but stopped. The storm pipe was open? He looked franticly over to see two other Armmonest chatting among themselves, he turned his head the other way to the court house up in a window he spotted a official? Yes it was a official!
The look of the short figure that far away was something. The official walked away from the window only leaving a dark room to be seen. Rim shook his head and turned to the pipe one more time. He took a step thin stopped again he bent his head and sighted resting his hand on the pipe. He closed his eyes and closed his jaw strongly. “Is everything ok?”..................

to be continued after 3 people have aproved me to continue. if it does continue look for 'the store 'distant winds' part two
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