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|| C O M M I S S I O N S ||

Yes, the time is now!

I will have a weekly financial goal that I am going to meet via commissions~ Laughing out loud Which is exciting!

My queue will be endless until I reach the goal set for the span of week stated below within my DA journal. I will take multiple commissions for each buyer if they so desire (:

Interested and want more details? Look here for examples and pricing:


Surgery Funds - Commissions

Please look her for listing, information and examples

FREE ART - Experimental Scene

Posted this on DA, however, posting here too in case some don't have DA!

Hey, hey!

Hope the day is treating all well. Doing some free art to hopefully brighten up someones day. If I find there are a decent amount of designs that catch my interest, I'll keep the comment list and just pick from this list when I am wanting to do more Free Experimental Scenes. So, in other words, post if you want a chance for future tries as well as I will be coming back to this topic.

Here's what needs to be understood:

- Artistic Freedom

- May be black and white with a hint of color or a full colored scene

- Time of completion is not set (So don't get upset if this isn't done in a few days, a week etc.)

- NOT first come first served. Whatever I find interesting first gets my attention to work with.

- You may throw in some suggestions for mood and such, but understand that I do not have to follow them if it hinders with the artistic freedom too much.

- You may post multiple references for me to pick from, but will not guarantee being chosen.

Don't be shy, take a jab!


$ A D O P T I O N S $

1.) $111
Detailed Large

2.) $50



Questions? PM me:

These adoptable will not be on reused lines, ever, thus allowing uniqueness in each design. These are one of a kind.

With that in mind, there will be price differences depending on the complexity of designs.

I will be attempting to draw all forms of Cervidae and the subspecies and lower classifications.

Suggestions of species combinations and/or aesthetic for markings is welcomed!

Thank you!

S O L D:
Sold to Frostavian!
Sold to HB!
Sold to OkamiLugia!
--Detailed Large
--Veiled Version
Sold to Kozan!

- N U M I N O U S -






Scents: Magnolia, cedar, steel and the distinctness of winter


-- Purposely or not, is "mute"- shows no interest in verbal communication. May only get primitive grunts and purring/coos as certain responses for select scenarios. More "verbal" through language of the body.

-- Shows a sense of intellectual understanding.

-- Has a 'minty warm' tingling approachable aura around them



Not recollectable


This will be the lad I will use for here!

He is interactible whenever!

Will at some point find the way to spruce all this up for 'em

Art by Sybilarius

~ S Y B I L A R I U S ~


|| K O Z A N ||


~ Cheers !

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