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Tvivale (wip)

Basic Info
Name: Tvivale
Gender: Buck
Age: Approx. 170 years
Species: Unknown, built as a large goat
Measurements: Height: 145 cm Weight: 120 kg
Voice: TBA Hisses on the 'S' like a snake
Pictogram: Ecj7
Diet: Omnivore

- Slimy way of approaching anyone despite gender
- Likes to be spread his bad reputation around
- An excellent liar, and he uses it to benefit him
- Is very cold and doesn't understand feelings well
- Has stolen a pyro-magic from a sleeping wyvernThus, punished with a curse from the gods that transforms him every other year
- Is very vulnerable in the rain, and he cannot swim

Art by others
Shadowchild Halafax

Art by Skatmat
Image#1 Image#2

In-game set: Beluga pelt, Antelope horns/Default w. candles, Magpie mask.
A goat sized as an average whitetail. Summer coat-color a deep blue-steel with black socks and a 'cross' on his back, as characteristically for a goat. White or partially naked skin between his hind legs and a patch on his throat. Winter coat is thicker and completely black, except for the white parts. Long, coal-black silky hair framing a pale, snake-looking face with yellow cat eyes.

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Urho, reborn

Basic Info
Name: Urho
Gender: Bull
Age: Approx. 170 years
Species: Unknown, built as a moose
Measurements: Size number 5
Voice: Skull mask, does not speak
Pictogram: 1HZl5 or Ecj7
Diet: Omnivore

- Still and quiet, dislikes speech, never answers with words
- Friendly, he will come to those who are lonely or sad
- Enjoys helping smaller critters around, sitting on his back
- Loyal, will follow anyone to the end who is in need
- Loves taking baths in the pond, smells awful afterwards
- Only fights if needed be, for protection and defense

In-game set: Brown real-deer/Brown +cream belly pelt, Kirin/ram antlers, Skull mask.
A Body of a moose, tail that of a troll, mane and skull those of a horse, tongue of a serpent, and beard and horns of a goat. In wintertimes the fur grows thicker and darker, almost black. In summertimes he sheds the thick, blackish fur and a smooth, milkchocolate colored pelt covers the muscular beast. No eyesight (having no eyes) but elevated hearing and smelling, and he mooes from his deep throat. Has a scent of wet pine and mud, the forest after a rain.

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The Grey

Basic Info
Name: Forgotten, called "The Grey"
Gender: Agender, non-binaryLooks like a perfect in-between male/female
Age: Eternal, immortal
Species: Elemental deity (air)Shapeshifter, can take the form of most sentient beings
Measurements: Size 7
Voice: 0:23 Whispering
Pictogram: Fas2
Diet: Doesn't feed

- Distant, hard to grasp, speaks in riddles now and then
- Loner at heart, asocial, detached and even apathetic
- Always has a sparrow near them, an unknown connection
- Seems to be suffering from endless fatigue, moving slowly
- Melancholy, still and calm; has only this one expression
- Controls the wind, can teleportScatters like dust &
rebuilds themself
and speak with a breeze

In-game set: "Old" grey stag, broken antlered (played from version 1.5)
For a adult they are painfully thin, the ribs and the spine are clearly visible through the ash-grey, short fur. Their very long and torn hair falls like a king's mantle to the ground. The fragile antlers are useless and broken from long ago. The horns might actually have turned to stone. Their pale, angelic face is tired and bony, with faded hazel-eyes. They sees the world in monochrome. Has a heavy scent of ash.

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