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Eylir - The Healer (Dragon)

Alas, I have yet any CSS, but anyway. On to a quickie and temporary bio!

~~ Adopted from ArrowDoe (the above image is also by her. She is awesome Laughing out loud)
Also, his picto is coming, just need to find the right one Smiling


125, just a pup


Water/Forest Draik Yes, that sounds kind of odd, but he is what he is :3

Color & Description
Blue, reminiscent of clear brisk winter sky. Thick, snow-white curly mane that is shorter in the beginning nearer the head then lengthens closer to the withers. A short, upright choppy stripe of hair leading from the top of hips down the tail, and also has a furry belly. Has scruffy fetlocks. Across the bridge of his snout he bears two white bands with a spot on his nose, and upon each leg nearest the middle of the lower leg he has a broad, thick white band and a thinner, fainter one below each. On each hip he bears soft spots, similiar to the white spots on a fawn.
Eylir also has antlers from which he hangs pretties and herbs in small sacks.

Very dexterous forepaws, much like hands. He is a healer of small ailments - or rather, his saliva is. More serious injuries or sicknesses must be remedied with herbs. He is found of caring for the weak and much enjoys creating things for others - adornments for their antlers, assisting in the piercing of body parts with his exceptionally sharp (and retractable) claws.

Exceptionally friendly, as is the way with his species. However, he is ferociously (and efficiently) protecting of his loved ones. A bit on the lazy side most often, he is prone to sunbathing by the pond or exploring the ruins for herbs and flowers.

I'd say its been a while, wouldn't you?

Hey all! Good heavens, I haven't been around in forever. On the plus side, I'm coming back (ofcourse, only two/three people know I exist xD) with a few characters :3 A doe and... a horse. Well, I'm a horse person, what can I say?
I'll upload them tomorrow or so, probably :3
Nice to be back in the Forest.

Dear old George has passed on (the deer I played) but his picto (and lineage) will live on! In Bly, his darling and very dear (.. woe, the unintended pun) daughter. I adopted her design from the wonderful and wondrous Acer.
Bly is, like her father, a cheerfully spirited thing with an affectionate and forgiving heart. She is tender and kind, deeply fond of foals and is eager to explore the land her father had called home.

Along with her into the forest comes Spyder, a large and solid mare of unknown breeding. She's quiet, more reserved than Bly, and a watcher. She's most fond of the Twin gods and frequents that area most. She basks in the rain, at which time she is at her best. It's when the rain falls that she is at her most free - and she often chooses to dash about like a yearling, frolicking and kicking up her heels, or attempting to engange others in a game of the most slippery-footed tag around.

Due to all the epic designs here in the forest, I really hope she (Spyder) doesn't look like anyone in particular. I whipped her design up while streaming the other day, but find her awfully familiar. Whether its because I've attempted that same sort of design in the past, or have seen it else where I can't figure out :|

LOTS of screens

First time water walking! Laughing out loud

Laying on Water

Me and my RL sister in-game. Smiling If you see her (she doesn't get on much, though..) be nice to her xD Though she's a bit slow with the game - doesn't use the actions much - and she has no patience for giving lots of pelts. *I asked her to help me get some pelts the other day and she got fed up, lol

Sniffing Zombie-Sluggs

Watching the 'show' as it were - Kogy and Sluggs boogeyin' in the Cage

Far too large to put here, so clicky! - I found this and wondered where I was... xD

Everytime I 'fly', I always think I look like a giant over places like that.

Poor fawn.

The picture that looks like the one Sluggs posted of us laying down

Kogy makes the best jump EVAR.

Some closeups of Sluggs

Well, I may as well... ((Questions/blah))

Make use of my blog feature XD
It felt empty and demanded a post.
Of pointlessnesss.
Like this. Smiling

And some crap.
I FINALLY managed to water-walk the other day.. was going good... backing up and all that good stuff - had a pelt, mask, and antlers and plenty in the 'history' of them.
What do I do? Lay down. Didn't think of asking/learning how people get back up after laying down on the water. PLOPPED right into the water when I tried to stand! Woe was me!
Somehow I got my pelts back.. I can't remember.. I shall post some photos and perhaps someone will look at this blog (but I doubt it) and tell me who it was. But shall post them later.

Firstly; Are we allowed to play with Pixel Fawns? I saw them the other day and chased them about (usually from a distance).

They really didn't interact with me much when I did get close to them. One walked up to me, but didn't do anything.

Sounds like I have more to say? Alas, I do not. Smiling
/end xD
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