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Nothing to see here! *Insanely picture heavy*

Well you had been warned, feel free to ignore, just doing this to help myself keep track.

It's just my list for the scavenger hunt thingy with things I have so far :3

FINISHED! Laughing out loud Yay!!!
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One of those who are you thingies! :3

You kept Kiraki company for quite a while, it was lots of fun, but I have no idea who you are ~<3

We has faces in places :3

What you looking at?

This was loads of fun. Who are the two stags?

And is this Atu? It was so much fun playing with you ~<3
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Doing some art requests - Moved!

*NB!!: I am currently insanely busy so I am unable to manage double blogs so throwing everything together in one pile. All this art stuff has now been moved to here . Sowwy for any inconvenience :3
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The Day of Missing Picto's : Who are you all?

Yes the picto’s vanished! Shocked

It felt so strange not being able to identify anyone so I thought I would just write who I met and maybe that way I might find out who it was I played with ^^

This actually happened yesterday morning but my inet went down so I only managed to post this today :3 Some random screenies because I take screenies randomly and often accidentally ^^;

Well the morning started odd with me having no picto when I logged in. At first I thought I wasn’t connected but I saw some other deer and then the silly picto randomly appeared after a few minutes. I thought maybe the other deer’s picots would appear after a while as well, but they never did….

The first two deer Kiraki ran into that morning was at the playground, they were both wearing whistle masks, and one was wearing beluga pelt and noh stubs, the other had default pelt and magpie antlers. The beluga deer seemed quite shy and ran off, naturally Kiraki followed and off we went for a happy little run through the forest (well maybe not so happy for Beluga :3 ).
We stopped at the ruins where Beluga hid away and Kiraki had some fun dancing and bouncing around with Magpie Smiling
It wasn’t too long though before Beluga took off again and of course Kiraki happily followed, this time however Beluga took sanctuary in a tree by the pond and Kiraki and Magpie ended up dancing around it until Beluga went to sleep.

At some pint another fawn joined in play but Kiraki noticed another deer nearby and ran up to say hello. This one had skull mask, beluga and noh nubs and was quite friendly and playful. Skulls also went through the trouble of teaching Kiraki all kinds of neat tricks. Another deer with real deer mask and noh nubs joined us as well, I can’t remember which pelt this deer had originally but Kiraki cast a new pelt on them (The one with the cute stripy legs, Gizelle I think?).
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It's alive!!

This happened to me last night…

I was busy playing TEF when I realized there were still some things I wanted to get done before I go sleep. So I leave Kiraki in a cozy little spot and let her rest and I switch to my work and start typing away.

The next thing I hear someone mooing (Is that a word?) but I think, it is probably just someone nearby and ignore it. But only a short while later I hear it again twice in a row and it sounds really loud so I figure maybe I it is someone to trying to make up Kiraki or something of the sort.

So I switch back to TEF just in time to see my little Kiraki, not only mooing, but standing in an entirely different place then where I had left her!

It seems she has quite the mischievous streak?

This ever happen to anyone else? I thought it was rather funny and confuzzling at the same time Sticking out tongue
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Gifts of the Forest (Picture heavy)

~Added some more =P
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