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art commissions [closed]

Hello! Moneyless me decided to take some commissions :^)

- I can do any species: deer, canine, feline, human faced creatures, etc. -
- Payment is via PayPal, USD only. -
- Full payment after the approved sketch. I'll send you an invoice. -
- I'll send you the drawing stages such as the sketch and the lineart for your approval. -
- Minor changes and corrections during the drawing process are okay. -
- Please, provide me with all references you want me to base on. Like I said, small changes are fine, but I won't do something that requires a lot of additional work
(complete change of pose, big color corrections, big changes in many details, etc). -
- I always do simple background (except when you commission the detailed one, ofc), so that the piece doesn't look boring.
So, if you need the transparent version as well, please let me know. -
- Add. character is +100% of the price. -
- You can use the artwork wherever you want as long as you provide credit. My TH is elaz, and my DA is elazzz.
Also, you're not allowed to erase my signature or edit the artwork. Except for resizing, cropping, making an icon and all that.
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||Argus [bio]

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Art requests~ [closed]

heya :eyes:
I'm here to say that my captor (paperflesh) dragged me into art challenge. So I won't be able to finish these requests in month, I guess (if I don't give up sooner lmao). So sorry about that. But I assure you when the challenge is end I will do my duty asdfsjkd thank you again!
slot 1: ShrinkingRose
slot 2: Volbeatic
slot 3: Basen
an extra slot for paperflesh, cuz she trapped me
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||Hunter [bio]

Name: Hunter, Hunt
Nicknames: shrimp
Title: Skull keeper
Gender: male
Age: adult (~38 human years)
Birthday: 14.10 (came to the forest in 2011)
Size: 15
Species: human faced deer + Irish elk
Diet: omnivorous
Orientation: heterosexual
Mate: Cherra
Voice: (no echo without skull) #AF2B1E
Scent: milk
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