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Art Trades & Requests

I am now accepting art trades and requests!
Requests will always be in 'chibi' style, without shading, and only four at a time.

Important! Images made on request are not free for public use. Please ask me for permission before modifying these in any way.
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I think I'll take a leaf out of my sister's book and make a blog entry for these.
Just three for now, but expect many more in the near future! Smiling
Art trades & requests

A bunny

'Keep Up!'
'Music with Antelopes'
*'Art Requests batch #1'

Art for me! Thank you so much! <3
*By Gloryofdeerforever

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Of Bunnies and Drinkplaats

Weirdly cool stuff goes down at the Drinkplaats:


Strange smoking flower (it's fading away in this, the only shot of it I could save)


The elusive Giant Floating Goldfish; second sighting. It actually went beyond the water edge before vanishing.

Nothing freaky here, just two circling bats flying in sync. I thought it was cute.

And now....
The MegaBunny is me. The MiniBunny is Quiwej

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