ok so this is going to be like a Deer Directory of sorts
I forgot everything about coding on my hiatus :'D
excuse the messy
this will be pretty one day
(or not)

(Mini spell - Secretary bird pelt - Long mask - Key antlers)
Picto | Size 3

-Appearance is as in-game (human-faced, always wears mask)
-seems to be always happy
-jumps around a lot
-easily frightened when alone & will usually search for company on fawns / does / other minis
-Mute. Can't moo or talk (if I ever moo while playing him it was a mistake ehehe)
-don't lose sight of him he can't ask for help or directions and will just cry if lost (pls hold on to your Potatoes)


KETZAL (OOC deer - ?)
(Owl pelt - DOTD mask - Real deer antlers)
Picto | Size 17

Note: you can interact with any of my deer in any way you want!
Actions will not be taken personally (OOC deer included)