About Manayn (for literate and site roleplay)

Name for viewing:*Glyph/name coming soon*
Name for typing: Twist eye
Monikers: Mist-child, Bow-step
Gender: Ambiguous (physically appears as an antlered hind)

Can recognize: *glyphs and names coming soon*

Language known(for literate rp): None. Illiterate, Inarticulate.

current age: fawn

Personality: Twist eye is a bold, curious being that doesn't seem to understand the concept of personal space. It is very passive toward the moods of others, but may mimic them. It wears an ever passive expression, and runs wherever it goes. Twist eye likes to wriggle through the bars of the cage and meditate in it, but can be roused, if reluctantly, from that place easily enough. Twist eye loves the fog which bore it and likes to dance through it with as many others as it can. It seems to favor grey and black pelts, beaked masks, and large antlers.

History: Twist eye appeared as a child in the endless forest, during a thick fog. It met several other fawns and briefly was seen with an owl-pelted, short horned deer. It has not been here long.

Appearance: Still very young, Twist eye has very little to make her distinct from other fawns. It's pelt is starting to turn golden, but at will she can make it darker or lighter. She cannot yet change it's color or fade away her spots. Her face is peach, with little dark flecks surrounding her eyes.