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Night + snowing, big mushrooms and dandelions.


Name: Zeljana
Nicknames: Zel, Goldheart [by Mosija]
Pictogram: GoldenSkull
Birthday: 6th of October 2016
Zodiac sign is ...
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Reference: Click
Species: TEF Deer, Whitetailed
Scent: Sweet Honey, a bit of bitterness and oil
Size: #17
Speech: "Talks like this"
Diet: Herbivore
Status: Single
Haunts: 431 x 140 | 93 x 230 Will call it home.

Pelt: Golden Butterfly
Mask: Zombie Skull
Antlers: Trumpets



Friendly | Curious | Loyal | Playful | Alert | Outgoing | Motherly | Stubborn | Naive | Jealous | Caring | Gentle | Silly | Trustful | Protective | Admirable | Forgiving | Cheerful | Active

Snow - Rain - Sleeping - Halloween
Night - Twilight - Fireflies - Spell Spamming
Deer pile/tower - BZD/Velocity's voice
Lying down on someone's back - Cuddling
Candle lights - Swimming - Butterflies
Dandelions - Tulips - Abiogenesis - Events
Running around - Relaxing
Sitting around the pond
Listening the forest sounds

Fog - Predators - Being rejected
Being ignored - Thunder
Falling to the pond - Being chased (Predator)
Missing the party - Sleeping alone long time
Old Oak Humming - Left behind
Bad connection - Too much sunny days
Being moody - Too noisy fawns
Fear of losing a friend - Being too jealous
Drama - Nightmares - Fighting

• Likes to curl around smaller creatures than she is, to give them warm and cuddles.

• Doesn't mind loud noises, because is loud herself too quite often.

• Loves to sit with fireflies.

• Enjoys to sleep on the flower patches or under the big trees. Sometimes will avoid to sleep on open areas because of reasons, she likes to sleep more somewhere safer place so the predators won't seek her when she is sleeping. Enjoys to sleep over someone bigger than she is.

• Shows her nervous in big groups who she doesn't know well or at all.

• The full bow is shown as greetings and half bow is goodbyes.

• Loves to have a company and she doesn't mind who ever come to sit with her. Though, may flee away when wanna be alone or if she wanna just move to another spot. She sometimes wanna have her own time and sleep alone, but it doesn't mean that it will happen anytime.

• Is very protective over childrens or for those who are pregnant. Will do everything to keep them safe and help the weaker ones. Doesn't mind to protect bigger animals than she is. Zeljana is always very protective of anyone who need help.

• Likes to swim on the koi pond, to have a fresh and clean body. Takes good care of her fur and it's everyday very clean and soft. She also enjoy to swim there when it's hot days in the forest, to cool her body a bit.

• Shows always submission to males.

• Caring and loyal friend.

• Doesn't like any predators at all and will attack if a predator come too close to her or her friends/Family.

• Have a fear that someday she will lose a friend for some reasons, doesn't wanna think about it that much and will do anything that it doesn't happen. It doesn't stop her to meet new peoples or having a new friends in her life. She try to keep tight with any creature she become a friend with.

• Loves to jump over any fallen logs, practicing jumps with them and sometimes may sit on the big logs.

• If very playful and energitic. Can run around the forest whole day if there is someone to having fun with her. She is active with playing and will seek anyone to play with her if she is on the mood.

• She loves to seek and taking a walk in the forest, to walk in the silence or watching others playing around, it's her cure to calm down and enjoy the forest sounds.

For fighting, Zeljana uses her red horns on top of her skull for stabbing which can make semi deep wounds, it can cause excessive bleeding. She will use her hooves for kicking aswell and her body to move more smaller opposite than she is to away or tackle to the ground. Basically she doesn't have antlers which can be used for fighting excpect her small red horns, but her trumpets aren't meant to be used in the fight. Though, her trumpet antlers are heavy enough to give more weight to Zeljana's whole body.

• Zeljana isn't a fighter for naturally and will not gladly join to the fights, but if someone her friends are in danger or the loved ones, she will do anything to protect them by any cost. She is not weak female who may run away from the predators, she can protect herself and attack to any danger if need to or if she see that it's necessary.

• A bigger creature than Zeljana can get her down if they are massive and strong, but it's not easy to them either. Her Balance is great and if the opposite try to get her down with their mass, she will dodge it. She can't make the dodge everytime if the attacker is more faster than she is.

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back into the groove baby
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Hello there! I love the

Hello there!
I love the combination of purple and yellows in this bio. It reminds me of summer, and the header art made me remember the memories that Vani has of frolicking with Zeljana. It's really nice to see this.
It has a pleasant atmosphere.

Belle really enjoyed

Belle really enjoyed Zeljana's fun company! Track for this beauty girl! Eye
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! yes!

! yes!
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Thank you all ?

Thank you all ♥
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Icon & Signature - Hautakumpu

Aaaa, love this. Track~

Aaaa, love this. Track~

This bio is so cute ;u;

This bio is so cute ;u; Retrack!
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Baebi - ? Starling - Thank

Baebi - ♥
Starling - Thank you! ;v;
RihannaFenty - ♥! Thank you ´u`
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It was nice to see Zeljana

It was nice to see Zeljana rest among the poppies with Vani the other day. It reminded me of old times, it was warm.
I also love the updates on this bio. This complementary color duo is one of my favorites.
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Zeljana enjoyed to sleep with

Zeljana enjoyed to sleep with Vani too, like old times ♥ Good to see you two around!
Also, thank you very much! ^^
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re-retrack, love it

re-retrack, love it