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Sol, Lua, Sunbringer, Moonlight, Sunshine, Moon Child.

☼ Alone in her own world & mind. Also known as the one who brings the Light. Symbol
☾ Feminine, she/her/they. Elder teenager appearance, ancient. Demi-immortal Pinterest
☼ Quite small, like #16 on size chart. Panromantic/sexual.
☾ Albinistic white-tailed deer with the Divine, rare.

pensive, sensitive, pariah, emotive, anxious, sociophobic, enigmatic, unpredictable, calm, empathetic, kind, selfless


☼ "The one who brings the sun on rainy days." This phrase can be interpreted in many ways, but sometimes it can be rain and storm itself. Always trying to be someone better for herself or others.

☾ Very insecure about her own appearance and personality, but proves to be firm and strong to people, always with a smile on her face and ready to help them.

☼ Hates being the center of attention, and tries her best to avoid doing anything that results in it. The same goes for going between large groups with strangers, is very cautious and feels that everyone is looking at her when no one even knows that she exists from so much effort that she does to not be noticed. At the end, she gets very nervous about simple things that are not what they really are.

☾ Avoid talking to people with a closed mind, since it is someone who is very open about various subjects and situations. Always trying to see the sides of people and their real motives for things, trying to understand, not questioning or judging, always leaving their own opinion last.

☼ Although it always seems like the happiness of the group/friends, making jokes, being kind or silly, like everyone else, it has its moments of weakness that people who don't know it would doubt their actions. Rarely can she hide her feelings, as they are always on the skin for being too intense when she feels it.

☾ She believes the world calls her to live and see things she has not had a chance to see, as well that her mind tells her not to go on and give up of everything. But today, she can focus more on the energies the world emanates than on her thoughts that likes to trap herself.

☾ Submissive in many situations. Getting carried away by the opinions or suggestions of people around her. Never takes initiative and likes to hear what people have to offer. Rarely have she mastered situations, sometimes not quite right to her look.

☼ Just as she likes to be surrounded by people for whom she has some kind of affection, she also likes to be all alone, in her own company and privacy, the last one she has never had before, fortunately has not brought about anything in her development as a thinking being.

☾ "I am looking for a world where we are not afraid of feeling sad."

☼ Info here

☾ And here

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Ahh she sounds so cute

Ahh she sounds so cute already! ;w;
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wow little sunshine charm >w<

wow little sunshine
charm >w<
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Thanks for the company. Was

Thanks for the company. Was good to share the weather after a while.
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Y'ALL ;W; &hearts;! Uit@

Y'ALL ;W; ♥!

Uit@ Likewise. ♥
I don't think you remember her, but I just gave her a new pictogram, and now a biography!

waht im lATE

waht im lATE
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No, I remember. 'S nice bio.

No, I remember. 'S nice bio.