Witch breaker [hexer]

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an elegant dog-squirrel-like shape with perked ears
Dark gray, almost black fur,
face is elegant and slightly up-sloping
tail is like a bleached white feather brush;
saturates in red the more magic is soaked up.
Face is white with red brow dots and red jaw blotch
Nose and eyes are white, tongue is black.
The neck ruff is very fluffy on the back.
Wears a wire-spiked collar
Teeth are sometiems partially dyed ksky blue
ear tips are very lightly tipepd with white, barely noticeable
Presents as masculine, into men, but too young to care.

Being is an anti magic barrier, their tail progressively grows redder
the more magic is around, in a way takes away magic from nature
before radiating it back into the environment in small amounts.
This is a passive activity and initially not harmful (may cause derpiness in time-space)

+ Samael, Deimos

Did vess finally bother making a page for this boi, yes they did. eugh lol

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