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DATE — 03/07/19,
Found Leviathann sitting with a small stranger who she introduced as Nidhem once the Huntress had trotted over. Kept her distance from them and sat where he could see her so as not to spook him. Feeling a bit awkward in the presence of something so... small? Pure? This is quickly shoved to the back burner when she notices something about him that makes her fucking day. Holy shit, he only has three legs—

Absolutely teeming with questions. Where is his other one? WHY ONLY THREE?! Did someone steal it? Wait, can I have three legs?! Does Levi know where the other one is??? Takes everything in her power to not ask about it, because apparently that's rude. Hi, my name is Kahli, and I'm a fucking toddler. Good to see her priorities are up to their usual high standards.

Another stranger comes over, who Levi seems to be very close with. Alexei. Introduces herself, albeit awkwardly, and that seem to actually hit it off. Kahli's in an extra good mood over the whole three legs situation, so that helps. God, this is such a good day.

Jokes around with the three for a bit before settling down to rest in the birch. Despite the good mood, is still on edge and extra wary due to the events of the past few weeks.

Back in the forest without the Leviathann. Decided she probably needed a mental break from her (uh definitely), aware of the risk of how weak she'll feel without the support of Levi's healing energy. Quiet, observant, mentally distant. Still walking with a limp in her front left paw despite the injury being fully healed.

Picks up the scent of Umay and Plague immediately.

Slinks over to investigate and talks (argues? taunts?) with them from across the river, making a point to ignore Plague after throwing a few insults. Taunts Umay about Levi for a bit, but she doesn't take the bait. Saunters off whilst mocking her once she sees Reed approaching. Knows better than to engage. Bitch is crazy. Mocks the two of them when they trot by and plops herself, uninvited, down next to Maggot whilst cackling to herself like a maniac. Wanders into the birch to sit when Mag pushes her off.

Is chased by Plague after she sits alone in the birch, who then insists on taunting and fighting her despite her trying to say no and push him off. Finally snaps and runs after him, fuse already incredibly short from all the previous altercations. Says fuck it at this point and turns her attention to chase Umay, hoping that Umay would call off Plague and leave her alone if she was dragged into it. Didn't happen. You're fuelling this even further. Confused as to why he's inserted himself unnecessarily in the middle of everything in the first place. Tries to taunt and/or injure Plague in any way to push him off, but nothing works. Truly says fuck it this time and decides to pursue him relentlessly. Knows Levi will be growing curious as to what is going on with her. Runs in circles with Plague, Umay, and eventually Reed, which goes on for hours.

Eventually is knocked out in the birch by Plague, but is soon woken by a concerned and very serious looking Levi. Lev confronts Plague and eventually goes after him, whilst Kahli follows. Concerned Lev is in the middle of this once again, angry she's part of it, frustrated that Umay isn't thinking of Levi. I chose not to fight for Levi's sake, why the fuck can't you extend the same courtesy? For your supposed 'friend'?! Confronts a tired Umay who is ready to stop, and is still blaming her, and screams that this is not. her. fault. Lets Umay go, again because Levi is more important, and stalks Plague. Levi and Umay can't come to an agreement. Umay and Plague leave. Everything is fucked.

But for once, Kahli and Levi are on the same page. Despite everything, feeling okay.

Found in a heap by Levi, who yelled at her and ran after the scent that was matted into her fur. Limped after Levi as she went to confront Plague but couldn't resist and pursued the black doe again, too far gone within her predator instincts to resist. Same shit as always, fought and snapped with the healed pair, which ultimately ended up with Levi forcibly spiriting her out of the forest to heal her. Cue angsty Kahlevi roleplay.

TUES 30/04/19,
Uh.... big ole' YIKES FOR TODAY.

Awoke in the forest alone, but almost without panic; a huge improvement since her initial return to the forest, when terror and fight instinct would drag her screaming from sleep at the smallest of noises, especially when Leviathann wasn't there. Starting to associate the forest with good, with positive, with the prospect of potential friendships and the reassuring constant that is her other half. Run-ragged mind shredding and churning thoughts just a little slower than usual. Not much, but a welcome surprise. Slowly progressing, painstakingly slow, but still moving forward. Growing a little more independent each day. Recently learnt how to say 'hello' without sneering. Looks forward each day to recounting her new found discoveries to Levi at the end of each day as she relearns the world through a softer, kinder looking glass. Like a child, exploring things for the first time.

Like a child, fragile.

Rose to her feet and marked her spot in the Birch, rubbing herself against trees for her own amusement and to let Levi knows where she may wander off too. Subconsciously falling comfortably into the rhythm of a monotonous routine, the quiet, once an unwelcome stranger, now greeted with opened arms. Strode lazily through the Birch until a familiar scent drifted her way... recent. A shunned approach. Conflict. Death. Resurrection? Confused eyes flitted her surroundings before falling upon the familiar black doe she had once almost met. Had then seen die. And now, stands before her. Should she greet the stranger? Reciprocate the exchange she had once shot down? She can now see how she previously reacted was cruel and unasked for. Still learning. Progress.

Made a move to approach, which ended up looking more like stalking prey as she moved back and forth in a wide circular gesture, awkwardly fumbling and trying to push words out of her mouth. The black doe stared, unnervingly so, which didn't make the demon feel any better. The feeling of... inspection?... uncomfortable scrutiny?... blooming an unfamiliar emotion in her chest. Just as she was in the midst of finalising her plan of approach, the vixen was pulled from her placid day-to-day reveries in a split second as the presence — silently demanding itself be known — brushed by her shoulder in an action that sent a recoiling coldness throughout her being. As newly thawed edges once froze back over, as if never once having known warmth, did the demon outwardly revert back to her cold and reactive state. Mind is still stable. Learning, learning, learning. This is a speed bump. She snarled and snapped at the vampire who taunted her infront of the black doe, who egged her own, encouraged her, flirted her to come forward. Her body reacted, teeth bared instinctively, following the automatic coding within her DNA to lash out, and she let it. She let it because she still had her mind, and if her body needed to do this, just this once, she would let it. Because she had improved, she was getting better, Leviathann said she was getting better. Her mind was her own. It was hers, and it belonged to her, and she controlled it.

Teeth finally began to pierce the vampire's hide and the lashes were reciprocated with lightning speed, as she began to play the back and forth blood shed that she was all too familiar with, which was not much more than just a clumsy dance with claws and teeth. She let herself go a little, so she could soon pull herself in. They chased each other back and forth, snapping, but Kahli held onto her mind, and made the decision, her decision, to pull off. She needed to stop. Halted fast in her stead, said no, backed off. Thought of Levi.

Was pursued anyways.
Starting to slip.

Why wasn't he stopping? She had backed off. This is how being good is supposed to be — she surrendered! He was persistent, and the anger bubbled up within her instantaneously, gnawing hotly at her throat as her temper unleashed its own agenda. She stopped dead in her tracks, cold, mechanical, eyes fixated upon the black fae. Narrowed her gaze. Accusatory. This is all YOUR fault. And then she lunged forward.

Pursued the black wasp, and was pursued by the vampire. Rocked their way through the forest, dragging noise and chaos where ever they tore through, but she was still okay. She just needed one hit. One hit to release her temper. Because her mind was still fine. It was shaky, but fine, and she could still recover from this. This wasn't her fault, she thought. Was it? One hit, one payback, that was all. Soon the trio were around the Ruins and the conflict ensued — which promptly began to draw wandering eyes both concerned or merely curious. Things were starting to slip. No, she was unfazed, everything was okay okay.

Until she was not.

The wasp began to fight back, and he began to taunt. Ridicule. A large red male (Reed) joined their cause, then another two who she had never seen before. This wasn't supposed to happen, wasn't supposed to be happening — SHE HAD TOLD HIM TO STOP! And then they were all against her, the forest, she was not welcome, she was a monster, she was feral, a creature, disgusting, all her fault, Levi was going to be disgusted, she should've tried harder—


Little lamb. Little black lamb in the slaughterhouse is what she was, and Kahli wasn't going to stop until she had ripped her throat right from her neck, severed her jugular, crushed the bones slowly and deliberately. Her posture lowered to the ground as the canine in her came to light and she creeped, jowls snapping and snarling as she made wide circles around the small pack. The red attempted to chase her off but to no avail. She was cold, primal, and relentless in her pursuit, cackling at the black doe as the taunting hum of "little black lamb, little black lamb, little black lamb...", escaped her her raw throat. She was delirious — a blood soaked monstrosity with a cheshire grin. Each blow to her body was met with sputters of blood and maniacal cackles without fail.

This back and forth continued on and on as she fought primarily with the black doe and the vampire as the others trailed off. There was no rhyme or reason to her antics, no thought behind her moves, no life behind her eyes. She just needed the kill, needed to seep the life out of her prey. Her blue coat was coloured black, slick with blood as she made what would be her final pursuit through the birch after the black wasp. With the vampire in tow, Kahli — whose body was beginning to give out beneath her despite having other plans — took a fatal turn at the wrong moment and fell into the male's dive that resulted in a loud 'snap' coming from her front left paw.

The sensation of the break was enough to bring her survival instincts back to the forefront of her brain just long enough for the demon to limp off, allowing her to turn on her heel with a frustrated snarl. Her two opposers reluctantly let her go alongside a couple last hits, and Kahli finally limped off into the Birch to rest whilst she healed.

Whilst the physical damage is significant, the mental damage is severe. She has reverted back to her feral, reactive, and destructive state of mind. All progress has been obliterated. She will kill without a second thought or a shred of remorse. She is unhinged, brain stuck on a loop of insatiable bloodlust, and is dissociative. Likely to have chunks of forgotten memory. In pure survival mode. Will respond to any and all forms of contact, from anyone, with utmost aggression.


Found the forest in chaos, initially sat by Mag and cackled with him over the fighting skills of what was going until... she heard Levi's screech amongst it. FUCK. Groaned and ran over just in time to see "the strange black doe" die at the hands of Iohen. Recalls last week when this doe tried to say hello and she told her to fuck off. feelsbadman.jpg. Watches from a bit of a distance as Levi, Brent (>:C), and a few others she didn't know defend her body. Tries to ask Levi to maybe not do that, gets screamed at. Ahhhhh fuck okay. Guess it's time to join in.

Chases Iohen across the forest with Levi with someone she doesn't know - until Iohen just fucking explodes. Like, all over them. Covered in entrails and shit, looks at Levi:

Debates eating it. Decides it's probably not appropriate (hey at least she's learning?!?). Returns to the black doe's body to see it being revived by Ashe and others are helping. Levi sits near, watching. Debates joining her until Brent tries to run her off. UH, not the fuck today, thank you very much. Sits down with Levi tentatively to watch the events unfold.

Whined to Levi she was hungry because she wouldn't eat the dead body with her. Pretended to eat her in return and got a leg shoved down her throat. gAGGED VERY LOUDLY. Currently snuggling and being sassy to one another. (gOD THESE IDIOTS)

TUES 30/04/19,
Smelled a Leviathann nearby... maniacally ran to find her where they did their usual screaming and rubbing on each other and being horn dogs in front of the entire forest. LITERALLY THIS.

MON 29/04/19,
Stalked the forest in search of a hunt — growing hungry and full of bloodlust. Spotted a pretty little fawn (Iaz'ullarh) all on it's lonesome, and coaxed them over promising to help them find their friends. Lured them to the birch, and whilst grooming their back, ripped one of the child's wings off. Chased the screaming adolescent to the ruins, where she managed to corner them and rip off the other in the pit. Cackled whilst they ran off in shock, and returned to the birch to feast on her prize. (Fuck u K, you're so mean ;~;)

SUN 28/04/19,
Got angry at Mag and Brent for being near her... typical. Screamed at them and rubbed on their trees for a while then ran away. Got side swiped but an angry stranger and shoved them back. Ran into the birch in a huff. Hesitantly sat by a strange Gnu who insisted on keeping her company.



CALLED: Kahli, 'Siren', Huntress
GENDER: Female
AGE: Ancient
DOB: 2nd Nov
SPECIES: Demonic entity
ALIGNMENT: Neutral evil
DIET: Carnivorous, paedophagy
SCENT: Creosote & petrichor

FACE CLAIM: Jemima Kirke


AN IMMORTAL CREATURE was created by a higher power during the beginning of existence, amongst many others, to balance out the goodness and righteousness that roamed the living. She was brought to life in the form of a demon - one that possesses the minds of others and strives only to wreak havoc. To be fair to this agreement, she has only been given the power to be able to possess those of a weak mental state, the fresh dead, or those who's souls wander from their bodies. Her sole purpose is to break and condemn the virtue held in the hearts of those she haunts, to even out the ratio of good to bad. Although she is a great nuisance and looked down upon, her existence itself is extremely important. She is not a monster without reason - she is a creature that has been condemned for eternity in order to uphold a delicate balance.

(This, like everything else, is a huge WIP.)

Always in a state of anger. Short-tempered. Cynical. Cruel.
Incredibly spiteful. Intense. Lustful. Sexual. Witty. Sarcastic. Funny.
Bloodlust. Tortured. Power hungry. Greedy. Prideful. Corrupt. Sinful.
Alpha. Closed off. Hateful. Cannot fail. Cannot lose. Sad. Detached.
Damaged. Frustrated about her existence. Cowardly. Cursed.

(This, like everything else, is a huge WIP.)


Horribly wrong. Will always be right. Volatile, explosive, relentless, raw, unforgiving. Brutal, honest, inevitable. Always grasping, reaching, needing to be closer. Always too much. Never enough. The only weakness. The only one that could ever be. So deeply intertwined and in love with that there is no other way. The reason to live.
Trying to be better, but making things worse.


Little black lamb must be slaughtered little black lamb must be slaughtered little black lamb must be slaughtered little black lamb must be slaughtered little black lamb must be slaughtered—
What once was innocent curiosity has since been desecrated and violently reduced to ashes; something she can only define as a somber betrayal of both a possible friendship and to her true form. She was never meant for tenderness — how foolish of a thought — and the black wasp was a stark reminder of so. Now, she is the last thing that needs eradicated. Kill the hope. Kill the kindness. Kill her.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Tenetur, architecto, explicabo perferendis nostrum, maxime impedit atque odit sunt pariatur illo obcaecati soluta molestias iure facere dolorum adipisci eum? Saepe, itaque.


















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I love it already~ c:

I love it already~ c:

Icon by Aihnna! ♥
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thank you! c:

thank you!
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ooh. definitely tracking

ooh. definitely tracking again.

Oberon's favorite giiiirrrrl.

Oberon's favorite giiiirrrrl. 8>

I see her running about that in-game Map. Troublesome girl, causing mischief, haha.



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HellsBells - thank ya! she

HellsBells - thank ya! she approached 6 because he seems to be the only one that can tolerate her this far, haha.

Lung - LOL. just making noise and causing trouble, nbd. /shot

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hahah well, so far he has no

hahah well, so far he has no reason to not tolerate her around. xD
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Levi likes her

Levi likes her >u>


Love this. Also love her

Love this. Also love her font. (x
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HellsBells - yes, that's very

HellsBells - yes, that's very true!

Clare - omg, I thought they were like sworn enemies. miss their fights. ♥

Pinkpaws40 - thank you! she was eye-ing Umay for a bit there, haha.
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HAHAHA &hearts; I don't


I don't think Lev ever hated/disliked/had an actual beef with her most of the time they fought and bullied each other about. pretty sure Lev liked it. /shot
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YES, I remember their total

YES, I remember their total fights for dominance. rubbing all up on each other and what not, then chasing each other around the forest for twenty minutes at a time. oh my god, they were the best LOOOL.
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/gets all up in this bitch

/gets all up in this bitch
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I can just imagine Kahli

I can just imagine Kahli trying to fight Pandora, then getting her ass handed to her by Jealousy asdfghjkl
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Funniest part is, Jealousy

Funniest part is, Jealousy would probably team up with Kahli.
He has no love for Pandora, though he gets jealous (duh) of the attention she gets even without him~

Haha yess, I noticed. Umay

Haha yess, I noticed. Umay was watching her too for a while.
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Pandoras - ou yes that's

Pandoras - ou yes that's true, I never even thought of it like that!

Pinkpaws40 - I thought she was. (:

Rui's like "B|" right

Rui's like "B|" right now


Rui's like "B|" right

Rui's like "B|" right now



omg double post.

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LOOOOOOOOOL /puts Kahli in

/puts Kahli in the corner >B|
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I'm tired, The patterned

I'm tired, The patterned female stated, amused, when they finally reached a stopping point. You can entertain yourself now.


Trees are sexy. Just so 'ya

Trees are sexy.

Just so 'ya know.
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Who said I was quite done?

Who said I was quite done?

The vixen mewled, brushing her side against the other doe's hip.
Crimson eyes found her.

I'll be back later; wait patiently. I know you get excited seeing me.
She teased lightly, stalking off in the opposite direction.

Lung - I think Kahli has a tree fetish. B)
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mmmm trees are sexy, yo. A

mmmm trees are sexy, yo.

A chuckle escaped the serpent. Of course, She drawled. I've been waiting this long, so what's a little longer? Her eyes twinkled mischievously, and she nonchalantly eyed the other females rear as she moved away. Mmm.
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Levi's an ass woman. I

Levi's an ass woman. I totally knew it.
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Spirit - /DIE Lungsies -

Spirit - /DIE

Lungsies - lololol eue she likes big butts and she cannot lie~
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lolokay, I need to stop.

lolokay, I need to stop.
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(No subject)

If it's as big as Lung's song

If it's as big as Lung's song seems to be stating.
It should be drawn.

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OMFG this is too

OMFG this is too perfect.
This definitely needs to be drawn.
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KAHLI~! Malik will remember

Malik will remember her [:

By Leuvr
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Aw good! She'll be all up

Aw good! She'll be all up rubbing on his trees again like the evil thing she is. ♥
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Good times xD

Good times xD

By Leuvr
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Kahli. <3 Inola misses her, haha.



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AWH INOLA /clings &hearts;!

AWH INOLA /clings


She didn't go unnoticed.

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OMG, your edits are gorgeous

OMG, your edits are gorgeous ugh. ♥ /saves

omg, she's so noisy. I feel bad for other deer that are in the forest the same time as her hahaha.
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Hnn. Do you have an

Hnn. Do you have an MSN?
Tonight was brief but exciting (minus my terrible lag, ugh).

Thank you. It shows up a bit

Thank you. It shows up a bit darker in GIMP and my picture viewer, for some reason - Imageshack's backround seems to lighten it a little, haha. Glad you like it though.

Ah, it's totally fine. I've got music playing besides, and even with the volume all the way up, my Forest is quiet enough that I can't really notice a whole lot of noise. I think most players don't even have the sound on period when they play. At least the ones I've talked to. I like her noisiness though, it just seems to suit her so well, haha.
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That I do!

That I do!
I just put her there to be annoying - I wasn't expecting Malik to approach.
Interesting turn of events, though!
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I love it - she contrast's

I love it - she contrast's perfectly with the darkness of the background. I'd put it on her bio but it doesn't fit asdghgds

It really is her for sure, couldn't imagine her being quiet. And I'm glad to hear! I abuse the moo button too much with her. c:

If you want, I can shrink it

If you want, I can shrink it and make it so that it'll fit?
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That would be lovely! ;;

That would be lovely! ;; ♥

This okay?

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YES IT IS PERFECT AHH, thank you lovely. ♥

You're welcome. (:

You're welcome. (: <3