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lest the rains persist

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All my accounts are IC at all times. The thoughts or actions of my characters do not reflect my own. None of the backgrounds/gifs used were created by or belong to me. If you feel that this page has insufficient credits, please contact me via my Discord, Ajax#5478. Thank you!

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MaskReal deer

Name Nwyfre
Epithet(s) × Nye, Chimera
Identity × Intersex (They/them)
Age × ???
Demeanor × Laidback, inquisitive, candid
Vocals × Teemu Brunila
Species × Eld's deer
Scent × Wisteria and myrrh
Size × #20
Facets × Has two separate cardiovascular systems
Den × n/a
Familiars × n/a
Synopsis × Perspicacious being. Not afraid to lay close to strangers. Sees through time, but it's complicated. Blood color corresponds to skin color, blue/dark red/pale.

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Hello there!

Hello there!
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Aye! Sorry for the late

Aye! Sorry for the late reply!
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I think your Delila sat with

I think your Delila sat with my deer back when I first commented. :)
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Great Chars you have there,

Great Chars you have there, really interesting
Tracking <3