Weeping Mother [BIO]

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Name Piaf
Profession Witch
Gender Female
DoB 7 october
Species Sphinx *panther/deer/human
Orientation Demisexual
Diet Omnivorous *Blueberries, nonfat meat, arterial blood, fish
Status Single
Size Approximately #15
Sound Zira



A metamorphosis witch can change not only her physical but also her mental state. She wears dozens of masks and no one, not even herself, knows for sure where her true face is and where another image is.

Her mood and character are constantly changing, from melancholic and harmful to calm and carefree, but most of the time she's a nice enough, friendly and gives the impression of a charismatic, erudite personality, tolerant and devoid of prejudice. But do not be fooled by her charm to the end, with all the people around her she is always different. Its does not mean that she is not sincere, on the contrary, her feelings are always true, but you never know for sure what she was REALLY mean. Her life's work is to change the structure of environment, bring and take away, that is what she was taught from birth by her creator. This does not mean that she does not give in to simple pleasures, like relaxing in pleasant company, making new acquaintances, learning something silly and seemingly useless, having a good drink, or even helping random strangers. Contrary to her outward appearance, Piaf is a very simple person, living for today, loving recklessness, having fun, the various base vices of humanity, and having a good time. But even so, even when she is completely relaxed, she never forgets her business and what she is destined to do.

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Tracking c:

Tracking c:

Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)
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Tracking <3
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I liked this pretty bio of

I liked this pretty bio of lady.
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I will live here for this

I will live here for this beauty
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very strong track

very strong track Cool
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Squeezed in hugs

Squeezed in hugs Laughing out loud

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^ Nutbar. Was nice to meet

^ Nutbar.

Was nice to meet Piaf that day and dance.

Edit: "How dost thou like your hat?"
Also, that's Michael's deer, let's keep him company.
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I think it fits perfectly :DD

I think it fits perfectly :DD

"That'll be a million pesos.

"That'll be a million pesos. Cash."
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This is my last money, but so

This is my last money, but so be it....

-slow nodding, and a

-slow nodding, and a smile-
His first ever debtor, welcome.