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DISCLAIMER: Your usual warning about
those themes that are not suitable for
the young peeps or those who don't like
orange dudes. Keeping this bio very clean
tho so nothing more than mentions of violence here.


"The heart is an organ of fire"

• Name: Tobias Haines Goes by Virus o
• Gender: Male
• Age: Died around 30 years of age, body no longer ages
• Orientation: Heteroromantic pansexual
• Size: chart
• Species: Demonic, originally human
• Arrival: 16.01.2012
• Scent: Orange, petrol, smoke
• Alignment: Neutral Evil
• Voice: Keanu Reeves
• Face claim: Conor McLain + +
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Sum up of events for the last 6 months or so:
-After learning that Farrah had a son, tried to move on with his life and detach himself from the demoness and his feelings for her.
-Failed hard at that, tried to tell himself otherwise.
-Spent time with Lilu around the start of autumn. Invited her to join him for dinner while doing the usual exchange of his sleeping aid.
-Ended up talking more deeply about things as friends do when drinking wine. Then about children.
-Turns out they both wanted a child.
-??? why not
-Fast forward a month or so; Lilu told him she was pregnant.
-First of all very excited and joyful, completely ready to welcome a child of his and her blood into the world. Knows Lilu is an amazing mother and trusts her to continue being that way.
-Right after becoming happy, realised suddenly he felt an overwhelming need to tell Farrah about this. To stay true/honest to her. Feelings for her started knocking on the back of his head telling he was in deep shit now. Again.
-Does not feel guilt or regret, as is his view on life and would never feel that for starting a new precious life... but once again knew he would never be able to escape The Feels he has for the Harpy.
-Informed Lilu of this openly, since they have been building their friendship on raw honesty and therefore trust. Relieved to find her understanding and supportive. Promised she would also be kept out of harms way.
-Sought out Koll when not finding Farrah. Asked to deliver a message that he wanted to see his mother.
-Met with Farrah in the forest same day.
-Oh boy. Yikes.png
-Told maybe one third of what he had to say before being pounced at by the demoness. Chased, then pushed to the ground, choked, slapped and yelled at by her.
-Deserved that 100%
-Talking back when able to, got maybe a few panicky sentences out before SOMETHING happened. Left pretty shocked and with a few more words from the other.
-Insert a long period of trying to now patch his face up and doing A LOT of thinking. Ended up with just as many questions as before, no real answers.
-Went to inform Lilu about how the talk went. Once again was understood and supported by her. Pretty damn pleased he wasn't alone in all this atm.
-Decided to have a "last hurrah" of sorts, explaining he was going to take some things said by the Harpy and go by them once he took care of the ongoing issues first.
-Trying to become better somehow. Knows what he wants now and is adamant in staying true to that but also taking responsibility of the mess he has created. If only feelings were more simple.

tldr someone tell this guy he's an ass that won't be saved by wiping.


• Sold his soul to the demoness Farrah 13.05.2013 and was casted down to Hell.
• Lost multiple parts of his humanity after his first death, even more so after the second. Never was the most empathetic person to begin with.
• Has a mentality of never feeling regret. Might say some things 'aren't his proudest moments' but does not wish to undo the past.
• The mask is an important part of his forest-self. Will not take it off in front of anyone who is not fully trusted.
• Control is everything. Needs to have total control of himself and in most social situations, either the other person or the situation and environment altogether.
• Imsomniac. Rarely experiences deep sleep. Has not had dreams in a long time.
• Sexist to some extent.
• Holds a very sinful past. Not often talked about.
• Heavily drawn to black & white or monochrome colors.
• Originates from England. Lived in Venice, Italy. Currently mostly resides in Hell while visiting other realms.
• Works as a dealer, courier, information broker and occasionally on assassination missions.
• Grown wary of women due to several negative experiences. Still cannot deny his endless fascination and adoration towards them. Beauty comes in many forms and he likes to drown in all of it.
• Acts colder towards males. Tests and teases them a lot more, sizing them up. Girly boys are a whole another thing. Grows fond of them easier.
• Talented with crafts. He can change the shape and meaning of many things found in the forest. Often practices his crafts in his humanoid form. Some medical knowledge.
• Fond of children, very eager to spend time with them, play, guide, teach and protect. Enjoys watching them grow and thrive. Perfect contrast for an immortal life.

• Slender but muscular body. Built like an arabian horse mixed with deer qualities and a long neck. Ears are almost always perked up and facing forwards. Tattoo between shoulder blades, hardly seen because of the fur though.

- Hearts - Roses and other flowers - Fire - Smoke - Ash -
- Knives - Neon lights - Demonology - Orange, yellow & green -
- Wine & tea - Skyscrapers - Stars - Parenthood -

-| Discord: Kallonate#9551 |-
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Hothothot. ♥

Hothothot. ♥
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*fries bacon and eggs on

*fries bacon and eggs on Virus*
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/flops down.

/flops down.


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....very late track

....very late track

~ :>



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not sure if I tracked this

not sure if I tracked this before <3
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I wouldn't mind roleplaying

I wouldn't mind roleplaying with him.
If you want to role play just ask.
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//stalks <3

Track &hearts;

Track ♥

Sig: Aihnna

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don't hit me pls..I never

don't hit me pls..I never tracked this. :c
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-growl- B(

-growl- B( <3


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Long, thin white fingers with

Long, thin white fingers with pretty black fingernails were lifted off the ground with every step the female took. She was making her way over to a tree that held much meaning to her. The trunk of her home-tree rose up in front of her and with a smile she walked closer, looking at the nest Virus had made for her child. their child. Created with Love, happiness and romance. A child they’ve wanted for so long and now they had been given the gift of life. A life that soon would fill theirs with enjoyment, uncertainness, even more love and great memories. She was excited for the birth and hoped her mate, Virus, had the same feeling. She knew it wouldn’t be long anymore but still she was afraid to turn into a bad mother and she feared the fact that the fights between the male and female wouldn’t get any better. But with a sigh she erased all those thoughts from her mind and sat down at the roots of the tree, leaning against them and staring in front of her with her pale face. A blush of pink appeared on her cheeks when she took out a note she had found from Virus a long time ago and read it again. He promised her lots of sweets and It made her giggle for a while before she turned the paper around; grabbing a stick and poking it into the dirt so it would stick. Using it as a pen she wrote down some words; ‘Two hearts, two souls, Two minds, two lives, one love. I love you, never forget that. Even in the hardest of times.’ She smiled at the little note and rewrote some letters where the dust had faded. The female pressed the folded paper against her chest and took a deep breath, placing it inside the nest for him to find before she left and made her way to her old home.
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Updates, what are they?

Updates, what are they?
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Why haven't tracked this?

Why haven't tracked this? What a guy <3 Thanks for being company to Columbia [the mini]
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You're welcome~ Virus is

You're welcome~ Virus is pleased to have new faces around, especially when they are so polite.

Hahaha, she tries to be,

Hahaha, she tries to be, being new and all, it ain't easy Laughing out loud

hey hey hey

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gonna finally track this

gonna finally track this instead of searching for it bazillions of times to see what's been happenin' B|
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Haha, good! :'D

Haha, good! :'D
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I think I know what that song

I think I know what that song is even withouth listening to it. 8I
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^ that. 8l

^ that. 8l
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I'd be surprised if you

I'd be surprised if you didn't.

It ain't the Benny hill theme song.
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Yeah, it's Bob the Builder.

Yeah, it's Bob the Builder.

...... I can't believe

I can't believe it.
It's so strange to know that there is no Vi in the forest.
I'm so sorry that they had not seen with Cuzko lately. Grr. damn.
And ... such a coincidence. I would be miss him so much.

What? Why? 13.5. is really

What? Why?
13.5. is really cursed day...
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It will be strange for me not

It will be strange for me not to be able to play Vi suddenly. But there's plans for him, hah BD

It is a cursed day indeed.

So they come he back one day?

So they come he back one day? I hope not like a tentacled monster with one eye. o.o

That forest lost a nice boy.
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Oh he will be back one day!

Oh he will be back one day! ^^

... there seems Tuo to know

... there seems Tuo to know everything... You're God, normally. |)
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Oh yes, Tuo knows everything

Oh yes, Tuo knows everything and even more. (8

Tu, the God of Knowledge and

Tu, the God of Knowledge and Truth, dowrr...

Okay, what is it more? <9
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Muahahaha. Like I'd tell


Like I'd tell anyone. B) Nope.
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He'll come back after he's

He'll come back after he's finished his little business in the other side. He won't look the same, just a heads up BD


Pink. Laughing out loud
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LOL. Rhhya nailed it.


Rhhya nailed it. Revealed the secret. :"(

ROFL... xD

ROFL... xD
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He'll be a pink unicorn

He'll be a pink unicorn indeed, how did you guess :'DDD
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