we, pale graceful

99% IC


mist born | gilded thorn

physically adult
child of the Endless Forest
omnivorous, opportunistic hunter
speaks in a broken, semiliterate way
uses third person and royal "we"

animalistic, glib
robust and energetic
kinda chaotic, capricious
curious, but not thoughtless
easily befriends, not easily trusts
may lash out if threatened or annoyed

soft long fur, fluffy collar, thick tail
stark white coat, peppered with dirt and dust
alien looking face, big black eyes, ears are not visible
gold "veins" on the inner side of the antlers, that runs down and meets on the forehead forming small "tiara"

likes: misty weather, making "nests" in rye fields, mushrooms
dislikes: rain, summer heat

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So lovely

So lovely <3
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Ohh! I believe this is who

Ohh! I believe this is who Rooke met the other week. hi <3

@ Collado @ Rooke indeed!

@ Collado

@ Rooke
indeed! looking forward to meeting Rooke again :3
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What a lovely girl

What a lovely girl <3
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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