was it a dream?

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Haiva Ru - Wild Flowers
I wish I could reach past the stars and past the moon
I just want to know how far from me to you
I wish that we wrote, oh God I was so proud
It's just the words in my throat, I could never get them out

I see you now in every wind and word
You finally got your feet off the ground
And you're free as a bird


Starl and Auxentius... probably in a dream. I dunno what ever happened to the player, and I felt Starl's growth from then on was stunted,
so a few years ago I told myself she had separated from him, so that she could move on. I imagine though that she's never truly let go,
she still waits... :') starl why are you so pathetic
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Can tell you were inspired,

Can tell you were inspired, this is all layers of amazing.
Gonna elaborate when I'm back to my lapt, hold on.
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Really beautiful! Such nice

Really beautiful! Such nice atmosphere.
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I love it, very beautiful!

I love it, very beautiful!
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this is beautiful

this is beautiful

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Saw this on dA. Love, love,

Saw this on dA. Love, love, love it.

Formerly ocean.
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This is suuch a gorgeous

This is suuch a gorgeous piece! I love the paintbrush textures, and the overall atmosphere ♥
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This is so sweet! Love those

This is so sweet! Love those colors!
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Absolutely gorgeous

Absolutely gorgeous
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I know I'm repeating myself,

I know I'm repeating myself, lots of !! points but... I prefer to give individual responses cos I really appreciate every comment haha.

Uit - thank you so much! You're right, it always makes a difference when you channel your insp into your work
Wake - aah thankyou!
Hautakumpu - thankyou! <3
tossercook - thank you so much : D
wormwoods - Aa thank you!!
Mis - thank you very much! <3
Sybilline - thank you!!
Awentia - thank you so much ;v;
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gdi jess this is so fucking

gdi jess this is so fucking good
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This is absolutely stunning.

This is absolutely stunning. There's a sense of underlying sadness and melancholy that is reminiscent of Ephra's old works to me, I keep coming back to look at it. You should be very proud.
by saturnia

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Spirituelle - thankyou skye

Spirituelle - thankyou skye ;_; <3
Witcher - This comment honestly made my day. An amazing compliment to have if there is an essence of ephra's works in there. Thankyou so much!!
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beautiful, i always admired

beautiful, i always admired your style, i hope you're well
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kailtyn! thankyou, you too...

kailtyn! thankyou, you too... lovely to see your name around <33