[VII] Mercy

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Finally the weather was getting warmer and the snow had left all bit the tops of the mountains. This made room for the fresh spring grass to grow, and for the woods lower down to be littered by bluebells and new life. Summer was just around the corner and the white stag was thrilled to fill his lungs with fresh air again. Soon the high hills of Scotland would be as green as ever, and his kind will feed without worries of starvation once more. He held his head high as he watched over his fellow companions, a group of stags whom he had spent the cold dark months amongst.
His ears twitched when he caught a sound coming from near by, and he lowered his head, hoping to catch sight of the source. Briefly he glanced back to the bachelor herd, before he started making his way to the sound's direction.
With each silent step, it brought him closer to the bushes, he inhaled, hoping to catch the scent, momentarily hesitating yet he continued forth as he was drawn by an unusual sense of curiousity.
It would happen to be the biggest mistake of his life.

In a forest far away there was a mother resting beside a birch feeling unease. She was unable to fall asleep. There was too much going on in her head. The white tugged her legs underneath her and curled her tail around her. Her mind was occupied with the passing of a dear, dear friend of hers. She had hidden her true feelings so that she could be there for those who needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to comfort them. And now that she was alone she allowed herself to shed a couple of tears.
With a deep sigh she pulled herself together again and lifted her gaze up to the starry sky. From a far she may have looked like a statue. She stayed very still until she closed her eyes and frowned lightly. She was wishing. Oh how hard she wished. The white had not seen her most treasured one in a long time and hoped he was doing okay. Deep down she hoped to have her son back home again.

The stag almost had reached to bush he had been approaching when he saw an animal standing up on its two legs, holding something in front of its head, aiming and he understood then what his intentions were. The white Hart turned on his heels and started to flee, but when he felt immense pain in his chest he knew it was too late. There, mere steps away from where the initial shot was made, the white stag collapsed to the ground. Eyes wide and stricken by terror.
Gasping for air the stag watched with blurred vision as his killer approached him with a partner. The stag tried to warn them off by kicking but the pain forced him to stop. And as one of the Man beings withdrew a large sharpened stick, he could only lay there and accept his fate.

The white felt pain in her chest and for a moment she wasn't able to breath. Something horrible had just happened. Her ears perked up and she stood up in the speed of light. She listened the surroundings carefully and smelled the air. For her surprise she caught a familiar scent coming from near by, a scent she had not sensed in a while. Immediately she trotted toward the source of the scent. The doe had to stop for a moment, blinking and trying to clarify what she saw before her.
There laid a massive body of a stag. Slowly the white approached it wondering if she was seeing things. There he laid, her only treasure, her son. Her baby boy was no longer a young buck that he was the last time she had seen her. There laid all grown up stag who had gotten a second chance.

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I hope he does well! :D

I hope he does well! :D
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aww, good to see him again.

aww, good to see him again. Smiling

He and my doe Maia were good friends when they were younger. I can get her bio for you later, or if you click on the link in my signature it'll bring you to a link to it. Smiling