[V] Trauma.

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For mature audience only.

When you reach the point when everything tastes the same, they taste like nothing, when everything feels the same as your too numb to feel a thing, mentally, physically, you know there is nothing to lose anymore. You have given all you've got to give and you stand there waiting for something. Anything.
The feeling when you stare at the distance for hours without being able to see anything. Your vision is too blurred. You just sit there and hope things will work out soon enough. What if they do not? What if you have reached the dead end? You will be sitting there for eternity.

You can tell there are individuals passing by, those who love you, care for you, but you can not see them. They are not in the little dreamworld you call reality now. It's not their reality, it's only yours. You're trapped in it.

When someone who has always been open and enthusiastic to see someone she holds dear suddenly turns into something totally different, cold and unresponsive, distant even, there must be something off. A strong person does not change like that. You can see her mind being blank, maybe only one question and one certain scene keep repeating themselves inside of her head. She hasn't moved for days, only significat movement can be seen only when her chest moves as she breathes.

All out of a sudden her fever is spiking, her heart races in her chest trying to break free. She almost never caught a cold, why now?

She hadn't been around much. She took a risk when leaving the forest to see the place where she was born. The trip there was no special from any other, but before she was able to come back her life changed for good.

During the last night of her absence she had been wandering restlessly in the small field near her former home forest. The moon was hiding behind dark clouds and so laid no light upon her nor her path. Avoiding open spaces was not a new thing for her, she had done it since the beginning of times and so she was careful as she walked in the tall grass, which reached up to her shoulder.

For the past few hours she had had the feeling of being followed, but she never dared to look back. She never looked back, but this time she should have.

She heard quiet hoof beats behind her and she pressed her white ears against her head and kept on going. A large shadow on the ground caught her eye, she didn't have such a enormous shadow as that was. Without being able to turn her head and see who was there behind her, above her, she was pressed against the ground with great force. Only thing she saw in that darkest night was red glowing eyes as the comer pressed his cheek against hers.

The doe screamed for help knowing there was no one who could hear her. She had not met anyone on her journey. She cried for help on the top of her lungs and tears like river ran down her cheek when she finally gave in and stopped squirming. Sobbing she hid her face between her front legs and wished it to end. Her neck was bleeding because the male her been biting her as she tried to get away.

The male was done and he stood up leaving the bleeding doe lay there.

The doe shall carry the male's child.

Really nice writing. I never

Really nice writing. I never tire of your stories. <3
..Butbut- ;_;

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N'awww. Thanks. &hearts;

N'awww. Thanks. ♥

She's just too good at it. She is a trouble magnet of some sort. :'D
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Woah what. O_O Jonathan...?

Woah what. O_O Jonathan...?
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Nope, not Jonathan. He's dead

Nope, not Jonathan. He's dead and stays dead. :'D

[e:] Edited the end of the text a little.
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Oh Rouda you always write

Oh Rouda you always write sooo good. It's so fascinating!

Poor Kau though ):
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Thank youu, Schutzdy.

Thank youu, Schutzdy. ♥