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Weeping Willow

{Name} Willowia
{Birthday} 03.01.2019
{Gender} Female
{Species} TEF Deer
{Size} #16
{Scent} Lavender and her mate
{Status} Taken
{Speech} "Speaking"
{Home} Home spot
Friendly - Careful - Gentle - Caring - Sensitive - Playful - Loving - Honest - Loyal - Open-minded - Quiet - Curious
  • +--- In-forest Updates ---+

    January 13th, 2020

    New css! x3
    Was happily playing with Mif-sher nearby the old oak. Was cautious about the other deers who were nearby, but still enjoyed the playing with her friend. After some minutes, Mif-sher showed a way for the little hill where was two strange creatures standing (Niklaus and the other didn't showed in the map). Mif-sher just went straight to the strangers and the chaos started. Willowia took steps backwards and her ears were pointing back. She were scared of the huge beast who were attacking Mif-sher and after a while he came after Willowia. She started to ran as fast as she could get with her legs. Her heart started to beat so fast and the adrenaline flow through her body and she were so scared so she didn't wanted to watch behind her. She tried to make hard curves and turns and the chase started to feel like it has been already hours, but after a little chase, the beast turned around and let her be. It didn't take long and there was other beast after her. (Cacodaemon) were "playing" with her quite hardly, but she did ran away from him.

    She were so shock and the adrealine made her body shake even more. Some others came to fight the big beast and she tried to stay away from it, but Niklaus came after her again and again. She somehow managed to stay away from his fangs and antlers. Just in time, The nightmarker showed up and she ran towards and was very close to him. It was relief for her to see her mate there, she felt more safer around him. At the end, she curled next to him and wanted to wake up from this nightmare.

    January 3rd, 2020

    Happy birthday Willowia. 1 year old already ´u`

    December 23rd, 2019

    It was cold and snowing in the forest, but it was very beautiful. Willowia was very happy to see snow and mushrooms and the huge candles made it even better. The forest were decorated with pretty things and everyone were probably waiting for the christmas to come. She has been sleeping with her mate and just enjoyed the warm with him. The ground is so white and full of hoove prints everywhere. It so calm and very silence that you can only hear the frozen trees.

    A moment later, few fawns came to play with her since she was not sleeping yet, but only laying. It was fun to run a bit and make more hoove prints around and catch the snowflakes. It become more fun when the fawns started to throw some pelt spells at her and she did the same for them, but in some time the fawns had to leave which made her kinda sad, but she sat down next to Nightmarker again with a smile.

    August 4th, 2019

    She woke up for the dry, but beautiful twilight weather with the fireflies around her, landing to lying body, head and antlers. She couldn't move because the fireflies would fly away so she just lie down there with the silence and calm. In some time later, she decided to move and all the landed fireflies flew away, but they didn't went far, they started to fly over her and around which made her happy that they didn't left her yet. Stretching the body bit by bit after a long sleep and looking around she decided to go to a walk around the forest, but she didn't got to far and already noticed that the whole forest were sleeping in this beautiful twilight evening. She went back to the spot where she were sleeping before with her little friends, she settled down and take a good position to take a rest again.

    Later on the evening, a raven approached her, landed to her antlers and watched down to her face. She woke up because of the wings sounds when the raven flied to her branch antlers. She smiled to the bird and was pleased for their presence and that they chosed to give company to her while sleeping. She never had any raven friend and decided to have them as her friend for now. She rise the head up while the raven were sitting on her antler and she walked a bit again with her new friend. After a walk, that they both did around the forest, they went to sleep to the flower patch where were a lot of fireflies. it was calm and very chill evening.

    January 5th, 2019

    Arrived at the forest again since she haven't got enough information from the forest or creatures who seem to live there. There is also a forest magic that she does want to know more about. For now, she tries to find someone who would want to explore the forest with her or teach her about all of it, not today, but in the future. She is very excited to learn so much and she had decided to stay here to the forest and maybe call it home. She traveled around the forest until she found crossed logs. It seems to be nice and cozy to sleep there.

    Later woke up with wonder when she woke as a little bat, looking down from the air the little fawn who looked up to her with smile. The magic was surprising in this forest, but was glad that she didn't turn to the huge bat as she saw one day. Laughed a bit for the fawn as she was still in the bat form, but soon sniffed the spell off and fell down to the ground as big green doe. Got back to her hooves and laughed with the fawn and they started to run around, have some fun and playing. Near the crying rock was more fun when another adult deer and few other fawns joined to the playing and spell spamming, it was fun and enjoyable. After the fun, when everyone seemed to be a little tired by the running around, they chose to take little break and sit down for a bit. The Doe had so much fun and was quite exhausted so she fell sleep.

    January 3rd, 2019

    It was first day in this strange and new forest. It was sunny day with confetti rain which were quite odd in the forest, but still beautiful looking. The forest is warm and quite silence place to spawn, the question is; Why here?. She was there, near the white looking statues, walking around it and watching the faces of the rocks; who made it? what they were?. She stopped the walk, stared at the statue with questioning it and something felt inside her head, her mind. She was somewhere, new place, maybe new home, but she didn't knew where, what was this place. She stopped watching the rocks and continued her walking away from it, wanted to get answer, but didn't get it.

    For little time, it was silence, but suddenly she heard a voice, a call. Her ears pointed up and she listened it carefully where the sound came from and who made it. She looked at the horizon where she think the sound came from and there it was, little swirly body marked fawn. She started to walk towards then and then she noticed another, huge creature around the fawn, it was big bat flying around. It looked terrifying, but still kind to the fawn. Run towards those two and they seemed to have some fun; dancing. She wasn't sure if she should join to the dance, but it looked fun so she joined to them. There came more and more little fawns to dance.

    When time flies, she wanted to leave the others to have fun since she had to explore more about this forest and what was inside it. She said goodbyes to the dancers and then she continued her journey. Didn't take long time until she found a cervine, sitting there alone. She knew that it would be rude to just disturb someone by sitting close, but it was alone so she went to them and sit next to. it was very beautiful creature; skull mask with white/black pelt with red spots and long grey antlers with candles on them. suddenly, the deer stand up towards her and sit, they were face to face sitting with each other until they both fell to sleep.


She is very social and welcoming person who want to share company and share the positive vibes with everyone. She is playful and energetic soul and she can play around in the forest a long time before getting tiring. She is always ready to share/have some company or play times with anyone. Is very caring and understanding towards others.

Loves a lot of spell spamming with anyone, specially with close friends it will go so wild that it will be lasting a long time before they will get tired of it. If someone want to have some spell spam fun, she doesn't want to miss it and she will join for it pretty quickly.

Willowia has always been very interested of the forest magic. It looks so powerful, but for a good meaning. She likes the magic mostly because it can turn yourself to another little forest creature. He favorite one is the giant bunny.

Willow has always been somewhat of a shy person. sometimes, even with a quick greeting, she can start playing and have fun without any problem, but other days it will take time before she can play with someone when they meet first time, it's rare nowadays tho. She is alert of her surroundings, but if they are giving good vibes to her or the secure feeling, she will relax very fast and just forget any strangers or predators.

Mostly uses the forest body language for communicating, because she doesn't like to talk that much with words. She is not good at long talk and sometimes someone may take her words wrong or misunderstood what she really try to say. She is not good with words, but if someone needs a support, she can give it the best with emotional support and body language.

Willowia doesn't know the forest fully yet so every stories or help from others about the forest is always respected and welcoming. Shares respect with older and bigger animals than she is. She has always respected those who have lived in the forest for longer than she has and those who have seen things that she haven't seen yet. Willowia will always look up to them and respect their view.

Loves to explore the forest a lot and see a lot of new things she haven't seen yet. She is exploring the forest every time she have feelings to do so or when she see something interesting. There is always showing up new things that she haven't seen or experienced yet. It's always more fun to do it with someone, but she enjoy to do it alone as well.

She enjoy to relax and sleep most of the time in the forest. She is always sleeping on the spot which she can call as her "home". She is sharing it with her mate and it's been very close spot to her. Willowia have some other favorite spots around in the forest, but she rarely visit there, but if she does, she won't stay there a whole night. She loves it if someone come to sleep with her when she is sleeping there alone, to share some company.

She hates overly murderers, predators, or even bullies who do anything that the opposite feels bad, or that they even face death. She don't have any tolerance for any predators or for those who try to hunt others down. She is ready to protect the weaker and smaller ones. Of course she knows when she can't cross the line of protecting. Will try to avoid any contact of fights and if someone try to fight with her, she will run away.


Herbivorous: Eats anything green and sweet. Prefers more berries and leaves. Can eat a little and yet she can stay nourished for weeks without eating anything.

Combat/Fighting style: If there is change to fight back she will mostly use her hooves and the little red horns on top of her skull, but in case there is no change to defence herself she will use her speed to ran away.


Mask: Skull mask | Antlers: Peacock | Pelt: Space beluga


• Deer skull given by Velocity (Big Zombie Deer)
• Emerald colored eyes
• Four raven feathers on her head

Willowia's body build is quite slender and similiar to a sika deer build. At the winter, the fur will get thicker and warmer, it will keep her warm at the cold days and nights. During summer, she have much easier to get cooler and the body doesn't overheat. Her tail is like white tailed deer, quite fluffy and semi long.

Her skull is based on muntjac skull with the upper canines. Velocity gifted it for her during halloween with the forest magic. The skull is unbreakable and she can't never get it off from her face. You can though see her emerald eyes under it.

Disclaimer + Credits

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Size chart © Apeldille
Little codes by © Sham, Unplugged
Fonts © Google fonts
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but I will comment with Kicy3 in this blog}

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Ohhh hello!!

Ohhh hello!!
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It's good to see you again

It's good to see you again
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Tracky-track~ Thank you for

Thank you for your warm communication. Such a sweet character!

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FishBiscuit: Hello! Altaira:

FishBiscuit: Hello!
Altaira: Long time haven't seen you in forest, it was good to see you again.
Rabbanim: Hello, thank you too! It was nice to meet your girl ^^

Pixel picto © Draak
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Wow, she looks so amazing, I

Wow, she looks so amazing, I hope to see her in the woods! Laughing out loud
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What kind of deer is it, and

What kind of deer is it, and why was it chasing you? Shocked
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Hana: Thank you! Hope to see

Hana: Thank you! Hope to see you around too ^^
Altaira: For my eyes it was Big and scary xd Big beast with big teet.

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my love

my love
Signature & Picture; by Hautakumpu
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May I draw our characters

May I draw our characters together? I don’t know how to explain this, it’s just that my hands itch from desire xD

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BoneCrusher: my love

BoneCrusher: my love ♥
Rabbanim: Of course you can ^^ that would be super sweet!

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